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2 Q's, 1 injury and 1 issue.

2 Q's, 1 injury and 1 issue.


Just started this PE stuff.
The issue is that I can’t stretch without getting alittle erect and then it’s hard to get a grip, and stretching is suppose to be done flaccid is it not?

So I do mostly Jelq, 100 reps.

Today though when I was jelqing I pushed alittle harder on one jelq and it felt alittle strange, like if it was allot of pressure on the blood vessel. I thought no more of it and finished up.
Now on the side of my penis there’s a spot, dark red/purple in the middle and a bit red on the outskirts. It’s not big maybe just half a centimeter in diameter. Doesn’t hurt or anything. I guess it was from that harder push wasn’t it.

My Question is, should I stop PE:ing until it’s gone away or is it safe to go on tomorrow?(if it’s still there)

Stop PE immediately. You should wait while the spot goes down. It could be some weeks - and at least a week in my experience. If you jelq, it will get worse. Germolene is a good anti-bacterial to help.

Your warm-ups, what exactly are they like? You need to warm-up. Certainly do not listen to guys who say the warm-up is not necessary. That is bullshit. Increase warm-up from now on, I’d say double the amount at least. Also, while you’re off PE you can practise the warm-up to keep the PE habit alive.

Most newbies have a problem with erection levels, I did when I started too. :) All it takes is a little patience, the ability to clear the mind. Over the months your dick will condition to adopt whatever erection level you want, pretty much instantly, and with little thought. Just stick with it, and be patient. If you get a stiffy, breathe deeply and clear your mind and watch your dick go down, down, down. It’s simple. ;)

P.S., you can continue stretching lightly too, just as long as where you grip does not touch the spot. And make sure it is very light and very brief stretches to be safe.

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I guess my warmups are abit crummy.
2 min hot towelwrap before P.E.

I’ll give PE a rest unitl the spot goes away.

Thx mate


No problem, my pleasure man.

Probably how you got the injury by the way. Some guys (like me) require plenty heat. You can feel when you’ve had a proper good warm-up: the dick’s sorta pink, and heavy and you can feel the heat radiating off it. Go for the feeling, rather than the time-limit. A proper warm-up will help you gain quicker. :)

Good luck with the injury - it’s a good experience, you’ll be careful from now on, no?

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Thrombosed Veins
Spotting On The Penis Head

When I had what you’re describing (purple spot on vein, red around), it actually got BIGGER and then went down (this could be because I continued to jelq, then stopped). I’m unsure whether this is a thrombosed vein or just normal spots. Could a mod help me out here? Red spots are a little different I think, because they disappear quicker than the purple ones and do not grow in size.

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Agree with Beasty about heat. I hot wrap for no less than 7-8 minutes before and up to 10 after - besides it feels gooood after a solid PE session!

One of the most important things to remember is that size doesn’t come overnight. If you are just starting, take it easy and listen to what your body is telling you. I know how it feels to want to do as much as possible as quick as possible, but injuries only delay goals.

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