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1st day.


Man just take it SLOW! I just started too, but I am doing minimal jelqs (100 max) and instead of taking 2sec’s like the PE manual says I go for 4sec’s.

I’m sticking 1 day on 1 day off for about 2 weeks just to be sure.

Did you experience what I did?

Originally Posted by meloncandy
Did you experience what I did?

Somewhat. Especially during the jelqing, by 35-40 in I started to get soft. But losing the ability to become erect for an entire day didn’t happen to me. Get a good kegal routine going, I know as soon as I started to do them my erections went through the roof!

PI’s are physiologic indicators. In simple terms they are things to monitor to make sure you aren’t overworking your unit. It should be under your recent articles section of the homepage. If it is not I highly recommend you search it. Not trying to preach here but everyone new to PE should read that thread.

Right. Will do. Just for another sense of reassurance, my penis is PROBABLY gonna be alright, right? Oh and do I check whether it’s working by arousing myself? Or just through morning wood and the normal instances of suddenly springing up?

Just think to something else than your beloved penis for a few days. :)

From another thread.

This is a post by me from another thread:

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Originally Posted by marinera
Are you doing the newbie routine exactly as written down? I’ve noticed it tends to be too much for a significative number of people.

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It is way too much for me.

I am doing the Linear routine (NEW newbie + advanced routine ) one day on, one day off. Plain and simple, I just have a sensitive unit. I can get the same results in 5 minutes that some may take 30 to achieve.

Sparkyx thread on PI’s schooled me on that. At least for me, less is way more.
My EQ is better now that it has been in 20 years.

Good luck, stay with it till you get in the groove. When you do, you will be addicted.

Yes I do think you are going to be ok since you have not described numbness or unusual pain but do leave it alone for a few days. If you do have the true inner feeling something is very wrong then don’t wait to see a doctor but it sounds like you just overworked it. If that is the case then resist the urge to keep trying to see if it will get erect. Wait for morning wood and normal arousal to return.

I have a feeling that your anxiousness is causing the lack of erections. The first time I had a lig pop it scared the shit out of me and my penis turtled up. The odd feeling, and the reaction of my penis had me convinced I killed it, since I didn’t even know what a lig pop was. I seriously thought I ripped something out. I didn’t get an erection for about 48 hours until it kinda left my mind. After I relaxed a bit the erections came back strong as ever. There was never any pain or discomfort and sincerely credit my lack of erections to anxiety. This has not happened since, even with much more strenuous exercise. Focus on learning your body before focusing on gains.

Thanks for the update Meloncandy and remember the importance of cooling off fror a while and resting up.

Do not worry there have been times where I have struggled to maintain erections for longer than 5 min
which was a combinations of lack of sleep and overworking my unit. Rest sorted me out.

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