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1st day.


1st day.

I’m really worried. I just had my first session yesterday. Thing is, halfway through the session my penis started to become flaccid, while at the beginning it was hard easily. At the end of the session, it basically was flaccid. And the rest of the day, I didn’t get an erection at all! :S I’ve read those posts about risks and stuff and I’m scared.. What now? And is this normal? :S

Quick replies appreciated!

It may just be fatigue. How hard did you work it?

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Sounds like you over trained? What exercises did you perform?

It does sound like overtraining, or the fact that your penis has never been put through this kind of routine. It’s like running or lifting weights; a good exercise will leave you fatigued and tired, ultimately leaving the muscles you worked unable to perform at their best. Grant, there is controversy concerning the penis as a muscle versus tissue only, but the principle is still relevent: By exercising a part of your body that has never been exercised in this manner, it will be a little tiring at the end. And it very well could be over training, so maybe lighten the exercise a little. You only have one penis…so don’t kill it.

Also, make sure you warm up and cool down. Not only does this prevent injury, it also helps your penis recover from a workout much faster and more efficiently.

Hope this helps man and good luck!

I didn’t work it very hard. It wasn’t some death vice grip on it.

As for what I did, I tried the newbies program, but without the stretching, as recommended here: /forum/en/showthread.php?t=70153
Just the warm wrap, dry jelq, warm wrap. Followed by some kegels but that’s a little irrelevant I think.

@Total: I do think it’s as you said, the fact that it’s my first time, and my penis is worked like this the first time. Because, well, it IS my first time!

So should I still do it today? The routine said to do 2 days on, 1 day off. But just for today shall I take a break? Or shall I still do it, but lighter?

I’m still friggin scared. Impotency is SCARY. D:

Absolutely do not do any routine today! Rest that sucker until it feels totally normal again. When it feels normal again do a routine that is so light you don’t believe it could possibly be doing anything to gain in size. Do not lose your penis to this. Heed all warning signs your body gives you rather than following a routine that says to do 2 days on and 1 day off. One of the keys to success is to listen to your body. Everyone is different. Go read about PI’s and the warnings to newbies about doing damage. Sorry to be so critical but I just don’t want you to hurt yourself.

Thanks sir. Will do. Hopefully it’ll be back to normal tomorrow! :) Take care!

But just to clarify, is it a normal thing? I’m scared to get an erection now, just in case the strain will do something. I’m not very knowledgeable down there. :P

It is hard to say if it is normal or not. Sorry no pun intended there. But it sounds like being flaccid so long is unusual for you. If that is the case then no it is not normal for you. As long as you feel some sensitivity down there I would not be too concerned and give it a day or two of total rest and maybe some heat. It is somewhat normal after a PE session to be flaccid and hang well for awhile. Watch your PI’s especially morning wood if you usually get that. If you are in any doubts then see a qualified doctor which I am not. It sounds like you just overworked it to me and should be fine.

Welcome to Thunders Melon Candy and to the wonder of PE.

I like those have commented do not think you have killed your cock. I do understand you concern but breathe
and be at ease take a couple of days off and then resume your programme.

We all have varying bodies and we may respond to external stimuli in varying ways, it is important that you see
how your body reacts and in time adjust things so it is better suited to you.

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It’s overwork. Dry jelqs are way harder than wets on your unit, it is very easy to use a too tight grip.

Originally Posted by meloncandy
Thing is, halfway through the session my penis started to become flaccid, while at the beginning it was hard easily.

Your penis should not be erect when doing a newbie routine. It’s supposed to be flaccid.

19th Feb 2012

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@King: It was semi-erect. Went fully erect now and then, but waited for it to become semi-erect before continuing.

@Marinera: Thanks! I do hope it’s just that. And nothing permanent.

@Phenyo: Thanks for the reassurance. Today I did get an erection, but didn’t feel the same as last time. But my penis did feel pretty hard but didnt stay hard for long.. I guess it’s a start. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow.

@Nowhereman: Nice pun! XD But yeah, I’ll see how it goes. Thanks you. :)

Did you get morning wood today? Watch those PI’s and morning wood is the most important one to monitor for me but I am 44 so that may not apply to you. It sounds like things are going well and that is fantastic but again don’t try PE until it feels fully normal again. When that happens then start again at such a low level it seems silly and go from there. You only have one penis don’t screw it up.

Well I’m still scared. But lets hope for the best. >.< No I didnt get morning wood. I just tried to arouse it a little. And yes, it did stand up a bit, so.. Hopefully I’ll be back up tomorrow. I’ve never been flaccid for this long. :( Btw whats PI?


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