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100 percent Newbie


100 percent Newbie

Hi everyone,

I just want to say I’m really glad a forum like this even exists,because for years I’ve been worried about the size of my penis.I never knew you could do exercises to improve your erection or even increase the size of your penis!!

I am really exited about this,is this real? Am I dreaming?
I’m being serious.

I want a better sex life for me and my wife.

Any help along the way is most welcome and I mean this from the bottom of my heart when I say this ” I will help others who help me”. Any information I can contribute to help any of you guys I’ll gladly give,because I believe if we all help and support each other we can do it,we can achieve our goals.

Thanks jab79.

Sweet man, Mind if I know your starting measurements?

Welcome to the forum, jab79. Success on your PE journey.

PE works for me, I hope it will work for you. Just stick to the newbie routine and do not overdo it.

Good Luck jab79

Welcome aboard! You’ve found a great place to find info. PE absolutely DOES work, but it takes plenty of time and effort. You get what you put in.

Started Nov. 2004 at 7x5

Currently: 8 3/8" x 5 1/2" (BPEL x MSG)

Welcome to Thunder’s, invest your time wisely..:)

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Originally Posted by jab79
I want a better sex life for me and my wife.

Unless you are very small getting a larger penis will probably not be the most important thing in your quest for the above. But this is a penis enlargement forum so get going on the n00b exercises right away. While you are doing this check out “Life, Love and Fantasies” and “The Blue Chair” as well as any threads that catch your eye for advise on sex and seduction. If you think seduction doesn’t apply because you are married, you really need to work on seduction skills.

Originally Posted by jab79
I am really exited about this,is this real? Am I dreaming?

Once you start gaining be carefull that you don’t walk around giggling to your self. This has happened to more than one guy. One of the most interesting non-penis changes you will experience due to PE is being forced to re-evaluate many of your other pre-conceived notions of reality. Everyone knows that you can not make your penis bigger and yet you are doing just that. What other things about your self that you know are unalterable can be changed?

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Welcome to Thunders. :)

:buttrock: The Peter Dick method :buttrock:

Then, BPEL:7.500"x5.500"

Now, BPEL:8.375"X6.750"

Welcome, good luck in your gains!

Start: 2nd of march-2006 Stats: BPEL (6.4" 16.4cm) NBPEL (5.9" 14.9cm) EG (5.0" 12.8cm)

Goal : 7.5" NBPEL 6.0" EG My Progress Report

4 Weeks Left On Newbie Routine

Thanks guys I’m overwhelmed by your support cheers!!

As for my measurements I’m 6” length and 4.5” in girth.I’d just like to be more comfortable with myself and I think being a bit bigger in length and girth would raise my self esteem.

Thanks again jab79


I’m very new to PE - two weeks old in fact. I thought id put down my routine and some observations and maybe other newbies can add their observations too.

I discovered Thundersplace last week when I was looking for information on how to cum further. My stats:- 5’ 10” / 75kg / age 31 / non smoker / surfer / original FL: 2.5 - 3.5” (depending on how it’s feeling) BPEL: 5.5” / EG:5”

My first session was last wednesday. I followed the newbie routine nearly to the letter. I did a longer warm up with wet towel wrap and spent longer doing kegels due to trouble maintaining an erection. I also wrapped the wet towel up to include the ligs I would soon be stretching. I measured during the jelqing session and found that my erection was 6.5”!! I think that this is not down to ‘growth’, but the fact that I just exercised everything that I have and got it all working together like never before. I used sunflower oil instead of olive oil (is this ok?)

The next morning I had huge wood! I dozed back off to sleep as it was a holiday and woke up later with another panhandle! I then rested until saturday because I know that when I weight-train I have a delayed reaction to the training. I never feel sore or stiff until 3 or 4 days after weights. Knowing this I waited to see how I felt after the first session and sure enough on friday I had some turtling. Saturday came and I felt great, no more turtling - hanging good-at my top flaccid limit! I did another session (same as before, but a little more controlled and could hold erections better already) and found the same erection length - 6.5”! I’ve noticed that since starting PE masturbation has become more regulated. I usually masturbate maybe 1-2 times a day (up to 3 sometimes) and have done since a lad, but for the last week or so I’ve hardly masturbated. When I have, my erections feel full and strong and orgasms feel like they’re lasting longer. I now feel that when I have erections, my penis isnt something that extends OUT from my body but something that starts right inside me at the back of the BC muscle and all the way through until it reaches the point where I used to think my penis started! It then becomes my visible shaft and then down to the tip. Does this make sense to people? The glans don’t feel quite so sensitive as before however.

My background is that I’ve always felt a bit on the small side when judging in shower-rooms, toilets etc. When I was 19 I hung around with amongst many, a few gay guys who were a lot of fun and (as they had seen many) I asked them whether I’m big / small / in the middle. The response was “you’re somewhere in the middle” (said in a way that meant you’re a bit small!) What has also never helped is that one of my best mates is much better hung than me - his FL is around 4-5” and Flaccid Girth around 5”! Once when we were pissed and needed a place to crash for the night, we both doubled on this girl to get to stay in her gaff (she was more than willing). Through blurry eyes I can recall seeing his EL & EG being quite a bit bigger than me. Along with this, he and other friends have always took the piss and said in front of girls etc that I am Mr small cock. Ha ha very funny but really that stuff can go straight through to the heart! ( I always reply with you’re a fat bastard and you’ll never be skinny like me). Anyway since starting PE my confidence has risen sharply. I think this is largely due to my penis feeling ‘fit and healthy’ after only 2 sessions. I feel like everything functions really well now. Does this make sense? I don’t particularly want a ‘baby’s arm holding an apple’ hung between my legs but just to be thicker and slightly longer. Having found thundersplace I now feel like my prayers can be answered (by myself).

Anyway I’m just about to start my 3rd session (same as above) - wish me luck! The next time I train with my mates (living overseas now) I want them to see that I’m not quite as small as they thought - I want them to think they got it wrong!


How about a gains poll where people put their gains over the time they’ve been doing PE? They should also put their starting measurements and the resulting chart would be interesting to see what peoples gains are across the various (starting) penis size range is.

Well done Leeroy,keep up the good work!!

I only found this site a few weeks ago too isn’t it great!

I’ve had people make fun of me too it’s not good but we can show em man.

I really hope you get good gain,you seem a great guy and I wish you luck in your 3rd session.

Cheers jab79

Wow thanks Thunder!

Thanks for your support Jab!

The third session went well and I’m finding that I go around during the day with a much fuller penis than before. The effect is that I have much more confidence in myself and when I talk to girls now in the back of my mind I’m thinking if I get this girl then she’s in for a great time! This then makes me relax and I can be my usual ‘funny’ self.

I also thought that my dick size is something that was pre-determined in my genes and it couldn’t be changed. Not the case eh?!

Good luck in the coming months and thanks again


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