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100 percent Newbie


Your very welcome Leeroy,

Good luck with the girl matey!

I thought the same thing ,thought I was stuck with it.

Cheers mate.


Hey guys,I’ve got my first gains!!!

I’m so happy to have done it with out pills. I was gonna throw in the towel and stop PE or risk buying pills and getting busted by my wife. I can’t believe it this really works! I have waited a week to see if the gain was permanent or not and it is.

I was 6” BPEL and 4.5”EG now I’m 6.5”BPEL and 4.75EG.I measured the same every time. The length was measured from the base to the tip with a rule.My fat pad is very small(0.5”) so I can get a very accurate measurement.
The girth was measured with a Taylor’s tape half way up the shaft and is slightly smaller than the base measurement of 4.85”.

My flaccid sizes have not changed at all to my surprise.

This is a great break-through for me guys I’d love a 8”x6”.I can’t wait.

Good luck everyone if you get the exercises right keep at it the gains will come.

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