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0,75 - 1 inch in circ-ce!

0,75 - 1 inch in circ-ce!

Is it real to gain 0,75 - 1 inch in thickness munually and how much
time it takes usually?
What are the best technigues?

I ve been practising only “hands”, ordinary (with sometimes MJ
sessions) pe during 2 years with breaks.

Length: 6,7 till - 7,9 now
Fat: 4,5 - 4,9 now

Wanted fat ~ 5,7 foreever

Is it achieveable? What special tehniques work?

Yes it is achievable. I gained 1” manually by doing simple squeezes. Simply get a 90% erection. Grab at the base and sqeeze tight. You will see your penis get tight. Now with the other hand squeeze just below the head. Start of with light squeezes first. Hold the squeeze for 10-20 secs. Do anywhere from 5-10 sets. The later sets can be done with harder squeezes. Do about 2 mins light jelks afterwards.

When you jelk slow, that also increases girth. When jelking, use 4 sec strokes. This should help you. Good Luck.

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