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Whats up guys. I'm a newcomer here & I have a big issue.I can't get it to work

Whats up guys. I'm a newcomer here & I have a big issue.I can't get it to work

Whats up guys. I’m a newcomer here & I have a big issue.. I can’t get it to work!

I’m in my 20s and I’m still a virgin (I’ve done everything except penetration). My biggest fear was prematurely getting a girl pregnant. I’ve recently gotten over this fear & went out there bought myself some condoms.. And I can’t penetrate! I’m not sure exactly what the problem is, but when I try to penetrate women my penis seems to do a number of unusual things.

1) My penis bends/curves. I don’t believe that it is “peyronie’s disease” because there is no pain and this bend/curve isn’t dramatic.

2) My penis doesn’t exactly stand up at a 90 degree angle from my body. It stands up a little bit, but the head of my penis still kind of faces the floor when I’m fully erect.

3) The “base” of my penis isn’t strong. When I attempt to penetrate it seems as if my penis gives in too easily.

4) Sometimes It doesn’t remain consistently erect.. It may stay erect for 5-10 mins, then soften up for a few mins before it gets back erect for another 5-10 mins and repeat and repeat and repeat. At other times my penis can stay erect for a long while.

I just want to have sex. I’m a man with needs, and I have women with needs.. This is hindering my sexual life. ANY HELP? WHAT TYPE OF DOCTOR DO I NEED TO SEE?

EDIT: As a child, I would hump the floor A LOT while my penis was erected to ejaculate as opposed to traditional masturbating.

Hmm I’ll see what I can offer for help.

1) I’ve got a curve too and it hasn’t been problem. As long as the bend isn’t severe (as you’ve indicated) then you should be fine. This won’t stop you from having sex.

2) This shouldn’t be a problem either, just pick it up and put it in, in fact having it not being super at attention might be a good thing. You won’t have issues with certain positions causing your ligaments to stretch uncomfortably.

3) Not sure about this one. Maybe try to exercise the muscles at the base of your penis by doing sets of flexes. And while you’re at it do some kegels (Kegel - the secret revealed). Strengthening that whole area certainly won’t hurt, and might help with the issue of your penis giving way.

4) EQ issues, possibly. Do you masturbate often? If so it might be affecting your ability to maintain an erection with a woman. If you masturbate a lot, cut back. If it’s not masturbation, then it might be blood flow. Are you in good physical shape? If not, consider exercising. Do you have high blood pressure? Get that checked. Lastly, maybe it’s performance anxiety? Honestly, I’m just throwing out anything that might cause issues.

Hope any of that helps.

Best of luck to all fellow PE-ers in their journey.

Are you on any medication that may affect blood flow?

Fear is a substantial issue in anyone’s life.

A part of you might trying to solve your fear of getting a girl pregnant the only way it knows how.

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I would say you should go see a doctor (urologist) because based on what you’ve described it’s probably erectile dysfunction. He will perform tests and stuff to determine what’s wrong.

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