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Very sweaty hands

Very sweaty hands

Anyone have a problem with this? Especially when I’m physically hot or nervous, I get very sweaty hands. They’re enough of a problem that I am embarassed to shake someone’s hand, or in the case of the Sexual Health Forum, I can’t really caress or massage with my hands. When they are sweating, they are just too “sticky” and clamy to do anything sensual. It’s horrible, I can’t even fondle my GF’s tits most of the time.

I do know that there are shots that you can get in your hands and feet to reduce this. I was hoping someone might have more of an alternative medicine route, like: “Eat less red meat, eat more red meat, eat more cilantro,” or something like that.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated, I’ve had this *problem* all my life, and I’d love to able to do something about it now that it matters most. I know it’s mostly genetics, but there has got to be something dietary to it, I hope…

I guess I’m the only one with sweaty and hairy palms, huh? Just kidding about the hairy part.

you drink a lot of caffeine or take meds? High strung? nervous?

Also, ethnicity could play a factor.

Sorry can’t help for a solution though,
is there a hand creme that dries skin instead of moisturizing it?
Baby powder?

Well, something that helps with sweaty hands is breathing in and out deeply and being chilled out and keeping your hands OPEN and flat. If they’re bunched up into a fist then they’ll get super sweaty, super fast.

I have the same problem as you… it’s very awkward and annoying.

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I also have this problem, although to a lesser degree.

Hmm, I guess I’ll have to investigate further. I wonder why I sweat so much, neither of my parents are this way. My sister however has sweaty hands too. My brothers do not though. Thanks for the link, I’ll try to find more info for myself, and anyone else with this problem.

Yeah, I know about the injections, as well as the slightly invasive surgery option. They’re basically disabling/killing the sweat glands in your hands. Not something that seems too comforting for me. Maybe that’s my only option. I was thinking maybe something in my diet is affecting this, but so far all I’ve come up with is that more salt = less sweat, too much potassium makes you lose salt, which in turn makes you sweat more, and tire easily. So maybe I should up my salt intake??? I’m also going to try the tea-bag hand soak. I’ll post further if it ends up working.

I had this problem too. What solved it for me is Metabolic Typing. I found out I was a Protein Type and started to eat lots of fatty meats, raw cream and my only carbohydrates are vegetables and nuts. This has cured me of my sweat problem (hyperhidrosis) almost 100%.

I agree with theskysthelimit….if my palms get sweaty to where I would be afraid to shake someones hand it because Im not mentaly chilled out, there is some kind of anxiety going on. I think it happens to most people some of the time. Or I could be wrong.

I have the same problem. It is very annoying. I am considering acupuncture. Putting deodorant on your palms can help a bit. If anyone has a way of helping could you please private message me.

Hi guys,

I’ve dealt with hyperhidrosis my whole life. I mostly suffer from hand and feet sweating. I went for the surgery to cut the nerves at the armpit to hopefully reduce the sweating. This surgery is now discouraged as it often leads to compensatory sweating elsewhere on the body. I suffered this after the surgery with sweating becoming uncontrollable at the armpits and forearms. To say the least, I regret the surgery. A year ago, I went to a dermatologist for another issue. I told him about my sweaty palms and what not and he asked me to try Rubinol, a glycopporate substitute I think. I take them twice a day and it has been very very helpful. For excessive sweating at certain body parts, use Odaban, it is a antiperspirant with Aluminum Chloride, not Aluminum tetraclhoride (which is the stuff you find in supermarkets).

Read this post and just had to help out fellow sufferers of this sweating nonsense.

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