Changing routine because of my hands ( 2 Clamps now)

I had to change my routine because during the last 2 weeks I had to stop PE for a couple of days… some on and off. All this because my hands hurt, I feel some pain in my thumbs and in my index when I’m doing the same routine as before (even days after a session the pain came back sometimes). Not the pain you get from one or two sessions, or the pain you get when you start pe’ing.

Now I’m going easier on my jelqs (before I did some ultra intense jelqs, each stroke 5 secs with all the strength my hands have) and I’m using a second clamp when doing ULI’s and squeezes. I get a hell of an expansion without using my hands too much.

I remember that there was somebody else using 2 clamps. Is there anyone else?

Girth gains for better sex, length gains for a worthless ego boost.