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In the paperwork I got today it suggests having friends or family to pick me up but I am unable to organise that.

I would not even consider driving if I was going to have a general anesthetic.

I am assuming they suggests not driving after local anesthetic because this could put strain on the stitches but I will put the seat right back and don’t need to change gear.
I would be sitting in a similar position in a Taxi.

The surgery is on a Saturday morning, have to be at hospital for 7:30 am. Expect I will have to sit and relax before leaving the hospital.

Do you guys see any signs of the operation still there?

I came in late on this one, but I’m generally in agreement that it’s really pretty straight forward. Driving wasn’t an issue, and the pain was tolerable. One of my tubes was really hard to access, so it took a lot longer than normal to get it snipped. I did have a huge amount of bruising, because of the difficulty in reaching the tube. My entire groin was black and blue. All of my scrotum and about half my penis. Not pretty. I don’t think there’s any scarring. Maybe, two tiny spots where the portals were. I think you’d have to get really close to discern them.

Good luck, bluenun.

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My story is slightly different. The surgery went well, uneventful even - no bruising, no pain. But being the shithead that I am, I didn’t abide by the post-op procedures and take it easy. I went right back to work (and fucking). Well, about a 5 days after the surgery the damn incision became infected. It took nearly a month of treatment to clear it up. It was painful and really gross. I learned my lesson. I will forever more follow post-procedure instructions to the letter.

I had it done today.

There were 8 of us to have either a circumcision or Vasectomy.
I was due to go in 2nd but because I was the only one having a local anesthetic they moved me to last.

thumper, how did going back to work cause you to get the incision infected?
I am going to relax for a few days and was told not to shower for 2 days. The stitches need to be kept dry for that long.
If the incisions get infected what signs will there be?

Just take the two days like the doc said so you will minimize any chance of problems. It is a small price to pay.

I cannot even see the small incision mark on my sac anymore. The doc that did mine was a real perfectionist and it is like I never had it done!

Only minor discomfort today, no noticeable swelling and small bruises.
Will rest for the next few days to make sure I don’t interfere with the healing process.

But, for interest I would like to know how you can tell a wound is infected and needs treatment.

I suspect it will look, red, inflamed and has pus coming out of it. Is that right? Any other signs?


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