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Varicocele Question

Varicocele Question

So I have a pretty large varicocele but as ar as I can tell its asymptomatic. I’m wondering if a surgeon would be willing to perform a procedure on it even though he only complications from it are the fact that it is visually embarrassing. Thanks


Varicoceles may be managed with a scrotal support (e.g. jockstrap, briefs). However, if pain continues or if infertility or testicular atrophy results, the varicocele may need to be surgically ligated (tied off). A vasotonic drug is preferred in addition to the scrotal support.

Varicocelectomy, the surgical correction of a varicocele, is performed on an outpatient basis.[5] The three most common approaches are inguinal (groin), retroperitoneal (abdominal), and infrainguinal/subinguinal (below the groin). Various other techniques may be used. Ice packs should be kept to the area for the first 24 hours after surgery to reduce swelling. The patient may be advised to wear a scrotal support for some time after surgery.

Possible complications of this procedure include hematoma (bleeding into tissues), infection, or injury to the scrotal tissue or structures. In addition, injury to the artery that supplies the testicle may occur.

An alternative to surgery is embolization,[6] a minimally invasive treatment for varicocele that is performed by an interventional radiologist. This involves passing a small wire through a peripheral vein and into the abdominal veins that drain the testes. Through a small flexible catheter, this doctor can obstruct the veins so that the increased pressures from the abdomen are no longer transmitted to the testicles. The testicles then drain through smaller collateral veins. The recovery period is significantly less than with surgery and the risk of complications is minimised. However, overall effectiveness is not as high as surgery, which is still an option.

Embolization is an effective treatment for post-surgical varicoceles. These are varicoceles that reappear after they have been surgically repaired. The main theory is the presence of redundant gonadal veins that provide collateralization cause the reappearance of the varicoceles. The use of NBCA glues during the embolization is as effective at embolizing these collaterals as coils. [7]

[edit] Prognosis

Varicocele is usually harmless except in cases of infertility. If surgery is required because of infertility or testicular atrophy, the outlook is usually excellent. Removal of varicocele can lead to normal testicular temperatures and an increased sperm production.[8] Despite this, recent research (as discussed below) has resulted in doubts if treatment of the condition using this method actually improves fertility.…and_Infertility

The only way to answer this question for you, anyway, is asking to a surgeon - I think a direct esamination will be required and maybe some more details than you are giving us :) .

I have a pretty big one on my left side (atrophy of about 50%). I went to a surgeon about 5 years ago and she told me that there was no need to operate unless I felt pain (which I don’t). The atrophy has not gotten any worse in that 5 year span so the only thing that is a bit hard is explaining it to partners. I just say it’s common for tall men (I am 6’4) and that does the trick.

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Yeah, I’m thinking that I would be told the same thing. I would rather it be taken care of though simply for cosmetic purposes

I had a varicocele that got bigger since I was about 12 or 13. I’m nearly 40 and it’s been driving me crazy my whole life. The extra hang was uncomfortable and unnecessary. No problem with fertility early on and I have two children but want more. I’m told that it can affect fertility as with all the extra veinage down there, it can heat up the teste and produce bad sperm. I had a sperm test before the procedure and I had a low morphology number. Can’t say the varicocele is 100% the reason. Also, I noticed my left teste was getting smaller than the right. I’ve always had big balls so it was very noticeable.

A urologist sent me to a doctor that does angiograms (no cutting involved) who basically embolises the vein with the faulty valves thus allowing other veins to do the job of providing blood to the testes.

To do this he puts you under light sedation (not a general) and while on an X-Ray I believe (I fell asleep), puts a needle in your neck and inserts a wire into your vein which travels down to your left kidney then to the bad vein. This is predominate in the left side for some reason. He then wraps a small spring around the bad vein which eventually scrivels up and stops supplying blood to the teste. While this happens, other veins will take on the bad veins job. The human body is amazing.

This is all done WITHOUT cutting, stitches, or any pain whatsoever! I only required one day off from work for a 40 min procedure! I had a slightly sore neck the next day but that was it. Two months on and the procedure was a complete success and my left nut is now slightly in line with my right and I can wear boxer shorts for the first time in my life. I have nice package that I can be proud of.

My sperm quality came back much better as well. Whether this can be attributed to the procedure or the sperm vitamins I am taking is not known.

I HIGHLY recommend this procedure to anyone considering going to any doctor that wants to take a scapel or anything else to your balls. Considered all the unnecessary pain and downtime that is associated with that method and find someone that is capable of doing the embolisation. It is worth the extra time finding them.

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