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To Circumsize or Not to Circumsize?


To Circumsize or Not to Circumsize?

Well as you can tell from the header I am uncut. My question is directed primarily to anyone that grew up uncut and eventually decided to get cut (although I welcome anyone elses opinion as well!). Do you regret having been cut or is it the best decicion you ever made?? I’ve talked to a lot of girls about it and the consensus seems to be that they like giving head to cut guys much more, they also enjoy the “look and feel of tight skin.”

I’m thinking that in a 2 or 3 years when i achieve my goals and am satisfied with my size I might take a break and during that time lose the hat. Hmm, what do you fellas think?

I’m uncut…when I was in high school I wanted to get cut really bad so i talked to my mom about it…I then talked to a dr about who convinced me not to do it…I’m very glad I didn’t I really like having that skin there plus the thought of cutting my penis in any way gives me shivers…I really can’t see any good reason to get cut I’m curious to see if anyone has some good benefits for doing it.

My parents had me cut because I had infection problems as a child. I now enjoy the porn star look and the easy hygiene.

I am building a weapon of ass destruction!

Can’t speak from experience, but have a friend who was circumcized in his early forties owing to frequent infections in spite of immaculate hygiene. (Certainly not all uncut men get these.)

Aside from a couple weeks of healing discomfort, he has never regretted the proceedure. And, no more infections.



I would NEVER consider this. The foreskin contains a LOT of nerves that gives sensation/pleasure while stimulated, why loose that?

Hell… cut people (some) try as maniacs to stretch the skin. kind of regrow something like a newforeskin.

About a girl dont wanting to give a blow…. kick her but and find a girl that like YOU!

In northen Europe most people are uncut and we have no problem with that and the girls DO suck dick her :-) !


“In northen Europe most people are uncut and we have no problem with that and the girls DO suck dick her :-) !”

Time for a European vacation! hehe, yeah I guess I don’t really care that much if a girl won’t go down on me if she can’t get over the way it looks then oh well.

Hey Tricky2!

I´m with Pan here. I´m also uncut, as most scandinavians, and I wouldn´t want to change that. I have thought about it, but I´ve read about guys who did it as adults and mourn the loss of sensitivety in the head. (For you cut guys, it´s relative, I´m not bashing the cut way of life ;) )

If you have a problem with premature ejaculations you might benefit from getting cut, but otherwise you might just end up missing what you had. The skin on the head roughens/thickens up to compensate for the loss of the protective skin and obviously you become less sensitive. Just look at the guys in pornos, if a chick handled my dick like that I would be writhing in pain.

About the girls, they prefer what they are used to and have positive experience from. In US most are cut so most girls there probably prefer cut, in scandinavia most are uncut so most girls here prefer that. At worst they don´t have any problem with it. I have even gotten compliments for the look of my (uncut) dick.

Take care!


I’m actively restoring my foreskin, and the only reason, I can see, for anyone that is uncut and healthy with no problem looking for circ is to have a dried out glans with loss of sensitivity!

Don’t do it!


I quess I’m the only one that knows what he’s talking about since I grew up uncut and got circumcized at age 30. Loss of sensitivity? Bull, bull, bull! I can’t say that enough to properly illustrate the amount of crap contained in this myth. I am very happy with my decision, I am enjoying big time my cut version of myself and my girl who knew me before says it’s alot better for her too. As for the people who were cut as babies and now are trying to restore their foreskin… well it’s human nature to want what you don’t have and also instinctively reject decisions that others (your parents) made for you. About those european girls that “really” like the uncut look? They don’t know of anything else, duh! I should know, I’m european myself and nobody was cut except the jews. If you wanna hear some real inconveniences not just wive’s tales here they are: you have to change you masturbation technique and more important - it takes up to two years for your circumcision scar to look and feel smooth and even then it won’t be as smooth as on people who had it done at an early age.


How long have you been cut? It takes time to become de sensitized but it happens daily to a guy that is cut. It will happen so slowly that you will not notice it at first. I know, I’m 45 now and my glans is dry, with a hard shell over it to protect it. Trust me after about 10 to 20 years yours will be the same!

My first question to you is…

Has your glans dried out or is it still moist like you had a foreskin?

If you answer dry, then you are already headed down the path of de sensitization!



I´m uncut. I have very sensitive skin, all the way from the “rim” of the glans and way back. I find it very enjoyable when this is stimulated.

Now, if I cut this away and throw it in the garbage-can, how would that possibly result in anythihg else than “de-sensitization”?


Modemmer, it’s been over 3 years now and I got dry quite soon after the surgery… honestly, it didn’t make a difference at all.

Pan, have you thought of this: when there’s no foreskin the rim of your glans gets stimulated ALL the time, even during the pulling out part of the motion? I’m just speculating here just like you are, the truth is I don’t have a scientific explanation for this and I don’t really need one since my experience speaks for itself.

You have to trust me guys, I have no absolutely no reason to lie about this, I don’t advocate circumcizion in any way (if you noticed I did’t advise Tricky2 to go ahead and do it) I’m just telling my experience here which contradicts alot of things commonly thought about circumcision. Maybe you guys are right and I am just the exception to the rule.

I appologize if I came on a little strong in my first post but I strongly believe in giving advice comming only from experience not hear-say, I guess that’s why I have so little posts, I’m a newbie in this PE thing ;)


Its ok we respect your opinion! One thing to note is when you are talking to pan about that pulling out, that stimulus you are feeling now is friction and not the gliding motion you once had. Over time, mind you not 3 years, the exposer to the elements will cause a dead layer of skin to grow over the glans to protect it. This calcification of the glans will produce a reduction in sensitivity if you want to believe it or not, its true. Soon your glans will start to look pale in color and the skin will start to develop cracked like looking skin. This happens to every man, no one is excluded, except for the uncut!


Well, I’m sitting here looking at my dick that has been circ’ed for 26 years and I don’t have a cracked glans or a layer of dead skin, that I can see. Did I notice a big drop in sensitivity? No. Does it feel exactly like it did before I was circ’ed? No, the feelings are different but I wouldn’t say there was a major difference in sensitivity.

If you don’t have a medical reason to get circ’ed, don’t do it. If you do have a medical reason to get circ’ed and have no other option, find a plastic surgeon to do it. Somebody that will do his best to leave a neater scar line. I had a general surgeon do mine and have a real noticable scar.

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The effect of being cut is different for different people, like with everything else. I know guys who are uncut and have a much less sensitive head than me anyway, perhaps those wouldn´t notice much of a difference if they got cut.

Nobody´s bashing the cut guys, there´s no saying this or that is better, but getting cut as an adult is something you should consider very, very carefully.

For some it´s probably not a big deal but for others it´s a huge deal, I advice against it simply because I wouldn´t risk it becoming the latter. You don´t want to take one step forward with PE and then two steps backwards getting cut, because you did something irreversible that wasn´t for you.

In the end it´s your decision, nobody can tell you what is best for you but yourself. Unfortunatly in this case you wont know until it´s done and then it´s to late to say that you want to go back.


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