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To Circumsize or Not to Circumsize?


I’m uncut and had thought about having it done at different times, due to problems with skin cracking and such on the foreskin. But when I think of all the bad things that could possibly happen, I’d rather put up with an inconvenience.

In high school a friend of mine got cut at the request of the girl he was dating; sadly though, by the time he was healed she had broken up with him. He had a rather bad scar left and was given the moniker “FrankenDick” as a result. Truly a sad, sad day.

My Gains thus far You can expect a forecast of vengeance in the near future. "Combat salacious removal"

Iam uncut and I think its needed because when fully erect the foreskin retracts, folds back and covers the bigger shaft, without that how would it work, I guess the other skin would have to stretch somehow. Tons of veins and delicate skin show when this happens, I dont think the lower shaft skin is the same type

I was cut at birth, but when we had our son I insisted that he be left whole. The wife thought foreskins were “icky” but I countered with “well, you’re not planning on having sex with him are you?” That didn’t go over very well, but I got my way anyway. The boy has thanked me numerous times for intervening.

After my divorce nine years ago I got involved with foreskin restoration and have mostly full coverage most of the time. I think it feels and looks a lot better now, but of course there are still parts missing from the procedure that will never grow back.

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Uncut is the way to go.

Ya like what ya have: foreskin is my way

Very uncircumcised here. Long foreskin great for self-play and other play-times. But cut guys enjoy theirs too. For me the longer my foreskin the better, Even full hard it covers and makes a nipple. But every cut guy I know enjoys his with different styles of sex fun.


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