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Tiny bumps on top of each testicle

Tiny bumps on top of each testicle

Can anybody tell me if this is normal? It seems like the epidymus is tough (like a tiny pea) on top of each testicle. Please let me know if you guys can find these lumps too (on the direct top of each testicle, and sensitive “kicked in the balls” kind of feeling when you find them).

I would say go to the doctor immediately. My doc told me, during last physical, to de self-exams and feel for bumps. He said that a bump may be testicular cancer. This kind of cancer progresses fast and is deadly. But, he also told me that it is easy to treat and stop. Be safe - check it out with the doc.

Re-read your post. If bumps are not on testicles, but rather on the skin, I do not know what the issue could be.

That sounds completly normal. If you’ve had a vasectomy.

If you haven’t had a vasectomy, go see a urologist to see what’s going on.

Sounds like the epididymitis to me.

Like you said, should be around the size of a pea but no bigger. If it’s sensitive when you touch it, then you should be fine. It should be relatively hard it texture, but soft enough so that you are able to gently squeeze it.

I first discovered these as a youngster and as I hadn’t noticed them before it had me worried. Also, at the time I was watching the episode of Tom Green were he gets his testicle removed and that just didn’t help at all. So I got it checked out.

I’m no doctor. So if it is worrying you you should always get it checked out.

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Originally Posted by Noodles_
So if it is worrying you you should always get it checked out.


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