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The Iodine Testicle Painting Protocol!

This idea randomly came into my mind so I decided to Google it and this thread confirmed what I had suspected, so I gave it a try.
I have already been doing Dr.Brownstein’s iodine protocol for 9 months with success and zero negative side effects. External application of the iodine and magnesium oil around the testicle area sounds interesting but skin absorption of iodine isn’t as high as taking it internally, scientists discovered that only 6% of the iodine is absorbed from skin painting however magnesium oil is absorbed well through the skin.
I didn’t use my lugol’s solution to try this because I have a little spray bottle of potassium iodide (white iodine) which is colourless and is the form of iodine that is most easily absorbed dermally. The magnesium oil stings somewhat and can take a lot of massaging to get it absorbed by the skin, the iodine spray seems to be drawn into the skin more easily.
I didn’t notice any viagra-like effects after trying this, maybe it’ll take a few days for iodine and magnesium levels to build up. I have been megadosing iodine internally, taking 100 times the 150 micrograms RDA. The cofactors are essential for iodine assimilation into your cells.
My iodine deficiency is caused by the high levels of mercury, cadmium; aluminium in my body which block mineral receptors and can take the place of useful minerals like magnesium and zinc.

Fluoride, bromide and chlorine are known to compete with iodine so should be avoided as much as possible, that means using fluoride free toothpaste, only drinking fluoride free water, eating less bread (bromide is used to treat the flour) and chlorine is found in swimming pools, tap water, cleaning products etc.
The iodine protocol will remove these elements from your body and may cause detox symptoms like headaches and nausea, there is a simple and almost immediate cure for this, taking half a teaspoon of sea salt with some water.

Sugar and alcohol can block magnesium absorption so should be decreased from your diet as much as possible.
To make this ball painting protocol permanently unnecessary, one should remove these toxic heavy metals (start by removing silver amalgam fillings), then start eating certain foods like chlorella and coriander leaf (cilantro). There are many ways of detoxing heavy metals, 2 doctors have focused their attention on this problem, Google Dr. Andy Cutler and Dr. Deitrich Klinghardt to learn more.

It is sad how so many environmental pollutants cause these problems in our bodies and can eventually lead to more serious illnesses, my health and libido has vastly improved during the last few months but can take from several months to more than a year to overcome severe iodine deficiency even at the high iodine levels I’m taking.

Thanks for the post dongalong. It was timely as I just heard about lugol from another forum member.

Good to know that ball painting is not as effective as oral method. Is there a safe limit (will search more later) as I wouldn’t want to go hyper on the thyroid front?

Your body seems to be laden with heavy metals?

I can confirm about cilantro. There was a newspaper article involving a patient needed to take a barium meal and he ate cilantro, which eliminated the barium.

Sammy73, I suggest you watch this presentation by Dr. Brownstein he explains everything about iodine and its effect on the thyroid gland:

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From 49:30 he talks about hyperthyroidism, he mentions that it very rarely occurs after taking iodine.

Those people who are deficient should build up to taking at least 50 mg per day but those with serious health conditions can take up to 300 mg. It should be noted that taking less than 50 mg of iodine can cause bromine detox symptoms and the best way to overcome this is increase the dose.

I’ve been taking 150 mg, that’s 8 pipette drops of 15% Lugol’s solution from
I also take:
3 tablets of ATP cofactors per day (2 in the morning and 1 in the evening)
5 tablets of Magnesium malate (1250mg each, 3 in the morning and 2 in the evening)
200 mg of Selenium
7000 mg of Vitamin C - usually taken at least 20 minutes after iodine since it converts the iodine into iodide.

Iodine is best taken in the morning because it stimulates the mind and can create sleep problems.

I’ve also been doing my best to remove the heavy metals, some things work well, the iodine protocol can actually displace mercury but a binder is needed to remove it from the body. I’ve tried zeolite*, nanozeolite, microsilica, wild garlic tincture, silicon rich water, chlorella, coriander, ALA, etc.

*zeolite powder actually increased my aluminium levels.

I was taking too many supplements in the morning trying to help everything but I decided to focus on increasing my iodine levels first since that provide have the greatest effect on my health and libido, I’ll focus on heavy metal removal afterwards.

The video was illuminating. Dongalong, thank you very much as well as providing the link for the online shop. I’ll definitely add it to my list of supplements. Didn’t realise about Bromide & fluoride too.

I noted I’m showing symptoms in the link provided by the very first post by Tom Hubbard: weight gain, testosterone, etc

In your research, did you come across anything involving male fertility and iodine? Google search appears inconclusive.

Originally Posted by Sammy73

In your research, did you come across anything involving male fertility and iodine? Google search appears inconclusive.

For male fertility problems, lead and cadmium seem to be the main culprits.

I’m opening an old thread. Does anyone still do this and if you do, do you think 2% iodine would work if it is undiluted? That is all I could find. Future thanks for any responses.

One more question for now. I see where people are saying they are painting they’re balls. Do you guys put on both balls or what? I mean all over the whole sac? Please clear this up for me. Thank you.

Which one to pick?

At my local store they have these:

1) Potassium iodide + ethanol (Active substance: iodine 50 mg)
2) lugol’s solution with glycerin (The composition of 100 grams of the solution is 94 grams of glycerin, 3 g of water, 2 g of potassium iodide and 1 g of iodine)

Which one would be better for t. Painting?



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