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Testo Boosters

Testo Boosters

Hi guys

I am taking testo boosters because I am looking an increase in my muscular mass. Do you know if this type of medicine would help to gain size lenght and grith in your dick ?

Anybody has experience to share?

Thank you



I think your question is difficult to answer. I do a variety of things, but it is not clear which one helps the most. I am trying tongkat ali from a (purportedly) reliable source (600mg of 1:200 extract once a day, 5 days on, 2 off) which is supposed to raise testosterone. The hope is that higher levels of testosterone speed recovery. I’ve had nice newbie gains over 3 months from a combination of newbie routine, light hanging, and ADS.

Would I have gained less without the tongkat ali? Who knows.

They don’t help.

Asian VIagra

Hi EarnieBanks

Where do you buy the pills?
I know it is a natural medicine known as the Asian Viagra



Very careful with testosterone:

“Testosterone replacement therapy is difficult to stop once started, because it shuts down natural testicular function (quoted from ‘tiredthyroid’).”.

I’m far away from expert on the subject, but shutting down your natural test. production do not sound good, in any point of view.

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I’ve never heard of testosterone supplements increasing penis size beyond the initial stages of puberty, but I’m no expert.

One thing you got to keep in mind is also the dangers of being on testosterone and those dangers may go beyond any possible benefits you may receive.

1) You can become bodily reliant on it and it can become very difficult to get off of it. 2) I’ve seen recently on media increased risk of cardiovascular disease with men who take testosterone supplements.

I don’t know if your doctor has shared any of this information with you, but just throwing it out there.

For tongkat Ali, someone on this site recommended Their prices are kind of high, but I believe it’s the real stuff.

Originally Posted by Mayorcito
Hi ErnieBanks

Where do you buy the pills?
I know it is a natural medicine known as the Asian Viagra


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I’d be more interested in ways to support my own body’s testosterone production.

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“I’d be more interested in ways to support my own body’s testosterone production.”

That’s what tongkat Ali is supposed to do - enable your body to make more.

Massage yous testicles regularly. It boosts testosterone levels much more than people believe.

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