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Strange Sleepless Sideaffect

Strange Sleepless Sideaffect

Well hello,

This week, I’ve been having trouble sleeping recently, and so spent around 3 days in a row without rest, a state that leaves the mind dulled, slow, and prone to hallucinations. on the third day (yesterday) I noticed my balls felt very sensitive, as it touching them was uncomfortable. Well, I took them out to have a look, and they were red and swollen. Now, I have gone weeks without an orgasm, yet it never had this effect, and the last time I masturbated was about 5 days previous. I decided to masturbate, thinking that I had to get off the excess sperm. My dick felt.. different. Not sure how, it didn’t have it’s curve for once, and was very red. As I was beating off, I felt this sensation travel up the shaft, like a large amount of fluid, which confused me, as I wasn’t close to orgasm. I kept going, and the sensation made it to my head, and the largest amount of precum I’ve ever seen came out of my dick. at least a teaspoon’s worth. Orgasm was interesting. It wasn’t a large quantity, but it shot at least 5 feet. Any idea what caused this? I’m pretty darn sure it wasn’t the sleepless hallucinations, and this morning my cock and balls felt normal and fine. Any ideas at all?

Think about what chemicals you are put into your body in that three day period to include alchohol, steroids or any other drug. Have you been doing anything different in this regard?

I have never lived this long before. - Dash

I once went a day without sleep and then took maybe an hour nap. The situation required me to have to wake up, and when I did I was exhausted. When I took a shower I noticed that my flacid size was unusually large and I also noticed that the veins in my penis were very blue. It was adifferent and weird experience.

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