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Strange erections: 'the push-out' and 'the brick'

Strange erections: 'the push-out' and 'the brick'

Every now and then I get strange kinds erection, maybe other members experienced them as well or they already have a name, could you help me find out?

The first strange erection is what I call “the push out”. I get this something like once a month. It is an extremely hard erection, something like 110% EQ :) It is as hard as any other 100% erection, but it sticks out more than normal. I once measured 2 centimeters more than normal. Given all the emotion during the measurement, I would say that is sticks out at least 1 centimeter more than normal, possibly more, but it is very noticeable. At the same time I feel something similar to the PC muscles “pushing out” the penis. The sensation is of something that is pushing it out from the inside, the opposite of when I do Kegels. Too bad this great feeling lasts only for 1 minute or so before going back to a normal 90%/100% erection.

The other one “the brick” is the one that really interests me. I hope you know I to make it come back more often instead of only once every three or four months. It goes like this: while having sex with a very hard erection, I start feeling that my erection is going away very quickly. What happens instead is that the base gets less hard and much more flexible, while the rest of the penis remains engorged and hard. It is a bit like thrusting a brick, not a part of my body. This state is pleasant but I feel a bit less. Why I love it then? Because with that I can last for hours, I have perfect control of my ejaculation and sex becomes really fun for me (strong sense of power) and my lady (can come as many times she feels like).

Have you ever experienced something similar? They are both great experiences, but I do not know I to make them come back when I want. What worries me is that these strange erections are already rare and will get more and more rare as I age, something that exercises could avoid, I hope. But which exercises?

Sadly I have never experienced anything like that. Have you considered joining the X Men? I suppose if you are wanting to maintain a healthy unit with good erections, kegel and jelq should do the trick

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