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She Has Herpes


She Has Herpes

To make a long story short, this girl that I was in love with 10 years ago has shown up again in my life. I still have feelings for her, and I’m very attracted to her.

The other day she revealed to me that she has contracted herpes since we’ve been apart. She wants me to come visit her, and I really want to see her, but I know things will get physical and I’m scared of contracting herpes.

Does anyone have any experience with dating someone herpes without contracting it? I’ve read that it’s typically only contagious during an outbreak, but I’m nervous nonetheless.

I’m just looking for some advice from some guys with similar experiences.

Don’t have similar experience and I’m no expert on Herpes, but…What type does she have? I think that’s important to know. As a lot of people have Type 1, I think I do. Type 2 is the sure one that you do not want to get at all.

Type 1 can be in the genitals also, but its harder to get it there. Type 1 is the oral one. If you get ”cold sores” or ”fever sores” in your lips, it is said that its Herpes Type 1. Its not bad, really. I don’t even know how I got it…Had it since I was a kid, the first outbreak was really bad! After that, its been just a small bump on my lip. I get it maybe once a year and I use Lip Balm on it.

Type 2 is the genital one, mainly. But again, you can get it orally also, but its harder to get there.

Herpes is contagious when the symptoms start and that is before an outbreak/sores. I can tell a few days before it happens as a part of my lip will feel tender.

I’m no expert, so take my knowledge with a grain of salt. I have also read that if you have Type 1, its almost 3 times harder to get Type 2 also.

If you are really into this girl, and want to take the risk. Use a condom, obviously, don’t go ”down” on her and don’t go balls deep?
Honestly, I wouldn’t. Unless I wanted to be with her for good.

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Honestly, If you really feel something for this girl then hold out on sex and see where the relationship takes you. She might want to prove her love in other ways and earn your trust first before you both decide to take any precautionary risks.

It shows real character that she came out and disqualified her self first letting you know and decide if you should make the decision to accept her offer. I would treat it like it’s no big deal to you now in order to keep from hurting her feelings towards you and wait, relax, and make your move a few months from now when there are no present signs.

While I have never had herpes I do know a few things about it. For instance there is a slim yet very rare possibility that herpes can vanish without a trace over years instead of remaining locked into the lymph glands. Doctors aren’t exactly sure why but it has something to do with a stronger immune system. Just like there is with closely supervised and rare HIV positive people that have gotten rid of the virus with experimental treatments. I know it’s paradoxical and like 1% of 1% of 1% succeed but it’s happened.

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I have a friend who married a girl who had herpes before they met. They have been together for 7 years and as far as I know he is negative. It was a big issue for him when they started dating but he fell in love with her regardless. He has told me at this point if he did get it so be it. I think if your careful and she is open about her symptoms if she knows you will be ok. But, like anything with sex you take a chance that life. Most mistakes in sex is lack of protection or drug use and making bad decisions at the wrong time and believe me I have stuck my dick in many women that I know I shouldn’t have.

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Life is risk. “The funny thing about regret is, it’s better to regret something you’ve done, than to regret having never done something”.

But you will never regret not catching herpes or AIDS.

I hate them but they have their uses: CONDOMS

You really should educate yourself properly concerning herpes. Go read the CDC website about it and other RELIABLE sources for information.

Herpes is known to be able to be contagious regardless of outbreak status. Herpes sores can occur anywhere on the body there is a nerve ending - externally OR internally, as it is a virus of the nerve system. For the vast majority of people effected by herpes it is widely reported that most have few to little symptoms of low importance. Others report that over time outbreaks become less severe, less frequent, and even non existent. Herpes is also known to follow a “course” of sorts lessening in severity over the years.

For others, Herpes can and is quite the debilitating disease. Frequent and severe outbreaks, internal organ damage, and facial paralysis (epstein-barr syndrome) are a just a FEW of the complications that Herpes can cause. The thing is that no one can predict what Herpes is going to do in any given person once that person has contracted Herpes. Oh’ yea, blindness also.

So as I said you would best be served by doing your OWN research and making your OWN decisions concerning this girl and what you’re prepared to live with. As djrobins said; no one will ever regret NOT contracting Herpes.

Personally, knowing full well in advance, no pussy in the world is worth it to me.

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You should always use condoms and if she has an outbreak, she has sores present, then no sex at all.

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I wouldn’t even do it , that’s just me .

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You can lower this risk of contracting herpes by having her taking medication. The risk does not go down to zero but it is reduced significantly. A search on the internet will provide allot of information.

Um, seriously? Am I the first guy that is going to say it? Stay the hell away from her. What is all this talk of being safe? You must be pretty desperate to even consider fucking this woman, but man, there are just too many fish in the sea to settle for the gimp.

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All of us have herpes, but it is a latent virus that wakes up in some conditions of immunodeficiency (generally stress related).

Originally Posted by ventitre
All of us have herpes, but it is a latent virus that wakes up in some conditions of immunodeficiency (generally stress related).

We don’t all have herpes, at least I don’t.

My advice may sound cruel, but leave her in the past.

She does not have to be displaying symptoms of an outbreak to give you herpes. A condom is helpful, but what about the vaginal secretions that get on your balls?

Also, if you do have sex with her, expect to have some severe anxiety and ever present fear that you may have contracted it.

Walk away!

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