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She Has Herpes


Yes every single one of us has herpes - there are many different strains of it - I remember seeing a scientific study a long time ago that showed something crazy like 90% of children age 1 had contracted it (you get it by putting things into your mouth and so forth) - however, most of us never realise we have herpes because our immune system suppresses outbreaks of it - that is why when the weather is cold and people get sick, their immune system is lowered which is why they have outbreaks

Genital herpes (HSV2) is a different strain to the strain we all have (HSV1)- the virus integrates it’s DNA into your DNA so once you got it, you have it for good

In my opinion - you have broken up once before - whats to say it’s not going to happen again? And if you catch HSV2, well could you like with the guilt having sex with someone else knowing you could possibly be infecting them?

If she is willing to risk passing it on to you, then she isn’t worth the risk.

Not everyone has herpes. That is a ridiculous statement. I dated a girl with herpes. OK, I am kinda desperate, I’m on this forum aren’t I? And yeah she was real cute. I looked into the risks a lot, and thought at the time I could be careful. She was on valtrex and some herbal remedies, and we always had safe sex. But the fact remains, it occasionally spreads even when there are no symptoms present. This is called viral shedding. The virus lives deep inside the body in nerve endings when it’s inactive, this is why it can’t be cured so far. However, sometimes it just goes straight to the nerve endings in the skin and falls out. It’s spread through this contact, not through vaginal secretions, or saliva. So even if you don’t see a sore, you can still get it. I didn’t fully realize this at the time. And a new study by a very reputable scientist in the field has said that drugs like valtrex can’t eliminate the shedding . I got some two red bumps, but a negative test over six months afterwards confirmed that it was only some ingrown hairs from condoms, not herpes. Long story short, you can have a relationship with someone with herpes, but there is always a chance of catching it.

Ok, as a medical professional.I will say nothing more about that status. I will lay this out. Condoms are only about 30 % effective against HSV and HPV. It is a rather small virus and often can show up on areas that are unprotected from barrier protection. The shedding of infected cells through the rubbing action of intercourse can spread not only over the penis and vagina but labia, vulva and anus and testicles. It can be spread orally to genitally as well. It does not require an outbreak and can be shed when symptoms are even at a minimum. Over the course of time, outbreaks tend to be less frequent and less severe. It does open more vascular sores to the potential of HIV, and HBV. There is no cure. Only medication to moderate viral load and reduction of symptoms. They increase the risk of certain types of cancer.

Thanks for the knowledge, guys.

I have recently ended all communication with this girl. There were just too many issues besides the herpes to even consider taking something like this on.

My girlfriend has it in the corner of her mouth, we’ve been together for 7 years. We avoid kissing when it comes out (happens around once a year and lasts for about a week).
It bugged me early on, but so far I’ve never had anything.

I’ve read that a good % of people has the virus but will never have an outbreak.

Originally Posted by guvnoir
We don’t all have herpes, at least I don’t.

Actually know your facts -…_herpes_simplex

up to 90% infection worldwide - herpes1 is at 60% in USA, herpes2 is 20% in US.

You can be asymptomatic (no outward signs) and still have it. Only way to know for sure is to be tested.

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Originally Posted by determination
Actually know your facts -…_herpes_simplex

up to 90% infection worldwide - herpes1 is at 60% in USA, herpes2 is 20% in US.

You can be asymptomatic (no outward signs) and still have it. Only way to know for sure is to be tested.

swore i read something that said everyone had HSV1…it is a drag to have herpes (HSV2), but not as bad as you might think. I suppose it varies from person to person…it really doesn’t bother me. I am older and alone so it’s hard to give it to anyone.

there were plenty of times I could have. more of an inconvenience really, but awkward telling someone you just met and haven’t had sex with yet.

If you don’t want herpes, don’t touch it.


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