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Sharing my frustration!


Originally Posted by kingpole

Your girlfriend is only 17, did you get her parents consent to have sex with her? She’s a minor I do beleive,if the age of consent is still 18. Perhaps you should wait tell she is 18 before you have sex again with her. If you did not get her parents consent, at least that’s the way I think it works. They can put you in jail for statutory rape. Even if she gave her consent.

Fuck that, hes 18, everyone does it, if he trusts her, then I see no problem. Here in the UK its 16, I feel thats more right.

Wow, I never realised the age of consent was 18 in the USA!

I think it varies from state to state, “But in too many damb rules” California it is 18.

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Using Viagra already at 18?? Is that a good idea unless it was recommended to you by a doctor? Surely the more you use that in early life the more dependant your cock and mind will become to it?

Seems loads of young guys are popping the V like party pills…:morose:

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Yeah its not something I want to do anyways, and its not like I take it everytime. Some days its works fine, but there are plenty of days where it just dies down, and only comes back just hard enough to tease me because its not hard enough for sex. Its just really hard to get your girl hot and ready, just to have your dick shrivel up. I am using it to get over this hump until it goes away or until I can fix it. I had decided a little while ago that I don’t need to use the whole pill, only about 1/4 of it.

I have the same problem. I’m 19 and I have ed sucks!

Originally Posted by got5onit
I have the same problem. I’m 19 and I have ed sucks!

Whats going on here, partial and complete ED is affecting even the younger men. What could it be, pre-diabetes,artherosclerosis,Prescribed medications, Bushisms, it must be the Bushisms!

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Nah it definitely has nothing to do with medications or medical problems as I have none, and no one on either sides of my family have diabetes or really any disease. I just hope its a phase that will go away, because its really messing with me too. Goodluck with yours too got5onit, I feel your pain!

The other day I was talking with my girlfriend and somehow we ended up talking about what if her parents found out about us having sex, I made a joke saying something about stat. rape, and she told me that it wasn’t. Haha figures, but there is a “3 year rule”, so I could be 20 and it still would be legal, whew!

Whew! What a relief!

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