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Sexual Knowledge appreciated

Sexual Knowledge appreciated

Two days ago, when me and my girl did it in one of my favorite positions (her on top) she came very hard and made a comment after wards. We began our session with her sitting on the couch me kneeling in front of her, pushing it in. When pushing in my member with its entire length it kind of hurts her. Well, after wards she guessed there might me a kind of gap were my dick slips in when she is on top. There would be no other explanation to the fact that it doesn’t hurt but is a great sensation having me fully inserted and grinding on me. I thought it’s a good moment to share my knowledge about the deep spot and explained it to her qite detailed without naming it CDS or deep spot. She then asked “And this is the G spot, right?”. I denied and explained where the G spot is located. She said that she think it is very cool that I know so much about it. And I said: “But you have to be aware that this on the other hand is part of my obsession to always make you come as good as possible”

…and as we know obsessions can be a bit stressful sometimes, isn’t it?

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It’s always cool to hit a spot inside a woman that hasn’t been reached by someone else before. Something like that only happened to me once, and that was before PE. Maybe I’ll get there again.

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My wife does not like me to put it in all the way in missionary position… Her favorite is her on top or dog style… I’ve never heard anyone else comment on this (it would be nice if some girls did, hint hint) but I swear that a girls cervix will MOVE in dog style while if they are laying on their back it does not… Have you or anyone else noticed this??? DLD would carry much weight on this question as I damn well know he knows exactly what a cervix is and if it moves on Jen…

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