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Question about std

Question about std

Hey can std s be detected through a blood test? Are std’s easily curable? What happens if they aren’t treated?

Yes, some not all.

Some not all

Bad Shit. Impotence, sterility, insanity, and even death. And the risk that you may give it to someone else who will get to experience all of it also, besides hating you for eternity.

Having contracted an STD does NOT make you a bad person anymore than getting the flu does.

Doing nothing about it DOES.

Yes there is some social stigmatization that can be experience if people you don’t want to find out about it do find out.
Which is not all that likely anyways. Most of what you’ll experience is all in your own head anyways.

If you think you might, then go get checked out.
Then take an ernest look at your behavior.

Sometimes, no most of the time, thinking that you may have an STD is worse than actually finding out that you do have one.
Do you like to sleep well at night?
Go get checked.

Fucking good answer!

All good advice right there ^

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Wow! Amazing advice man , thanks . But can gonorrhea be detected in a blood test . I got myself checked 2 times both times they took a blood and urine test . Are these tests for std’s?

Darth - Syphilis is tested by a blood test; urine tests are used for gonorrhea, and non-specific urethritis as well as urinary tract infections which may not be sexually transmitted.

Oh thanks braingasm , for giving me a clear picture

Originally Posted by darth
I got myself checked 2 times both times they took a blood and urine test . Are these tests for std’s?

What and no Q-tip up the urethra? You don’t have any idea the party you missed out on.

Hey if you got yourself checked twice and I assume they were both negative then don’t sweat things.
If you’re having some type of symptom, then you need to express that specific concern with a doctor.
If you ARE experiencing something that resembles a VD, a discharge of sorts, etc. It could be an indicator
of a completely different health concern. Or it may be nothing to be concerned about at all.

Younger guys are semen producing factories. You don’t notice that those sporadic day or night time boners are leaving little tracks in your undies until the day you think you MAY have gotten VD. Can you spell p-r-e-c-u-m? You never had any reason to think about until then. Now you’re checking your dick every 15 minutes and you start to notice these things. Who do you ask about it? Your Dad? Mom? Don’t really think so.

So you freak out about it until you finally convince yourself you’re okay after all.
Yes I went through all this head trip in my youth also, and I still do sometimes even though I have no reason to.

You got checked twice. You’re clean.
Better luck next time around.
Now get out there and keep trying.

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