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pubic hair removal

I use the 5 minute version of Veet cream. Works fine, never had any irritation or problems. The cool part is, the hair is COMPLETELY gone.. Smooth as silk. LOL.

You use veet on your cock and you dont have irritation?
What the hell?

I’ve got some Nair for Men, which i’m guessing is about the same thing, and even on my legs it burns holes….

Originally Posted by motivated
Try using duct tape. Be a man!

Now that is a new one!!! LMAO

i use my electric razor every day, just like on the face. been doing that for 5 years, works perfect.

I use those electric clippers for cutting hair(on your head). Never got a cut from that and keeps hair nice and trimmed.

Ok, so I went to the shop and didn’t find the strips. Went for what I guess is traditional wax. You get a container, wax discs and a wooden spatula. Heat the disc within the container, melt, take off heat, wait to cool, apply and strip.

Once you’ve done all of the above, you lose loads of hairs in seconds.

Wax is too hot, then by the time it cools, it cools to quick.
Left me with a lot of little red spots(blood at the follicles). So I’ve got to take a day off PE.

I’m not entirely convinced that this is more convinient than plucking.
Plucking may take a bit longer but requires zero preparation and is a lot les messy.

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Any ideas on how to get rid of hair on your ball sack? .I’ve tried plucking but it was very painful.

Hey 6guy79,

I’m also looking for ways to wacx the sack.

I’ve been working on improving my waxing technique and its getting better. The hairs are groing back a little quicker than what I thought they would, but with a bit of improved technique its becoming easier. Its still is painfull, so I take it slow.

Previously I had the problem that the wax would get cold whilst I was working on specific hair patch and had to re-heat every few minutes. I’m now doing the obvious, melt wax, apply everywhere where its needed and then slowly start peeling of the wax. So I don’t need to re-apply any wax.

I’ve waxed round the base of the penis, and this is greatly helping my pumping. I’ve waxed the base of the scrotum from where the thighs start (hope that makes sense). This had to be done because these hairs get tugged each time I jelq, so they had to go.

Problem now is, the more hair I remove, the more I want to remove!

I’ve googled ball/scrotum waxing and didn’t find much useful info. I either found sites saying how popular its become, or sites saying you shouldn’t wax down there.
The trick is to keep the skin taught when pulling the wax off, but how do you do that without ripping your scrotum appart? The back of the sack+ perineum are shouldn’t be to hard. For that I am going to get the kind of wax kit that comes with a patch that you put over the wax and rip off. How I’m going to work the rest of the sack is the question.

Any beauticians in the house????

2005-05-10 Bpel: 6.188 Eg: 4.875

2005-06-29 6.375 4.875

Mach3 Power

I use the same as Groan_Man. Gillette’s M3 Power doesn’t have enough vibration to do more than be a cross between an electric razor and a safety razor. The M3 Power blades are Gillette’s most expensive, but they have aloe in them. When the batteries and blades are fresh, it gives me the closest shave possible on my beard.. And shaft & balls, too! But it helps to wrap a hot washcloth around balls and shaft before starting. That could be incorporated right after your routine warm up, but before PE routine. Stretch the skin (it’s hard to shave wrinkles), just like when you shave around your adam’s apple. The only time I’ve gotten a nick is when I’m in a hurry and/or tried to shave while my sack is high, tight, and wrinkled.

To deal with itch, try hair conditioner or a glycerine-based deodorant stick.

Just some ideas. I don’t have the balls to try duct tape yet, but I bet that works, too!

iknowican :

Try using hard (brazilian) wax . Heat it up in the can in a pot of water on the stove , spread with wooden stick in an area no bigger than your pointer and middle fingers held together . Wait for it to cool some (until it is no longer sticky) and peel off . If it stretches like toffee , it’s not ready . Pull hard and even (steady) , but not as hard as the strips . My Wife does this for a living . I now wax with this stuff every week with no problems . The first couple of times hurt like bejesus , but now it’s all good . Wonderful results ; I’ve never been so smooth .

***Most important : Apply wax IN THE DIRECTION of hair growth , no other . Remove OPPOSITE THE DIRECTION of hair growth . It doesn’t work well any other way . ***

I tried using regular hot wax on my sack , but skin came with the wax and I had a scab the size of a fifty cent piece for a week . I now reserve that wax for my torso .

Originally Posted by RoomToGrow
De ja vu! Simultaneous pube hair removal threads in the Newbie and Main Member Forums. Can’t we all just get along!? :D Anyway, I tweeze. Yeah, yeah I know it hurts. You just gotta be a man about it. No way in hell I am putting a razor near my precious.

How often do you have to tweeze? Does the hair come back thinner and weaker like with waxing?


I tweeze every two weeks or so, the hairs get easier to pull the longer you’ve been doing it. Everyone’s different though, you may need to tweeze more regularly…it’s a bit of faff, but an addictive one…plus the results are worth the time you put in..:thumbs:

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Starter Pics/Clamping Pics


Maybe this is obvious, but how do you hold your balls when doing this? Do you make a ring with your fingers at the top of the balls and tug down then apply wax over scrotum?

2005-05-10 Bpel: 6.188 Eg: 4.875

2005-06-29 6.375 4.875

I usually get my wife to help . If this is not an option , just grab a handful and stretch it out . Just do VERY small areas at a time . (dime size) . Keep it stretched until the wax is cool .The beautiful thing about brazilian wax is that you can overlap : (ie) do part of a previously waxed area more than once . I wouldn’t recommend using regular wax (with strips) on your sack .

Another useful tip is to stretch the skin before you remove the wax no matter where on your body you are waxing . It also feels better to apply pressure right after the wax is removed . If you have problems with the wax pulling on the skin , apply baby powder before you start . Rub it in good . Baby oil is the most effective way to remove leftover wax after you are finished IMHO . Use lots .

I liberally apply hair conditioner to the entire region (North Carolina Piedmont) to soften the hair. I stand in the shower to one side for about five minutes and let the conditioner do it’s thing, then I shave gently against the grain with a Mach 3 razor. I turn around and rinse thoroughly and I’m done.

I’m addicted to smooth. I love to lie in bed and have my partner stroke it with her long, soft fingers. Ecstacy.


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