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pubic hair removal


pubic hair removal

Hey guys, I’ve been shaving the pubes lately, but am tired of knicking myself. I’ve heard other guys recommend using Nair for Men down there. But the packaging expressly warns against using it in the “genital areas.” Anybody have any experience with this? Thanks in advance…

I’ve never done it, but I believe what the package says: don’t do it! Burn baby burn.

Do a search on the web for a “personal shaver”

The best invention ever made for the job.

Base shaving takes seconds. It can be done in the shower when washing yourself with soap and saving your armpits. That area down there is sensitive and I wouldn’t use anything but a simple razor.

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The seemingly shitty bikini trimmers that sell on TV for 19.99 work fantastically well. I bought mine at Walgreen’s for 9.99.

Why don’t you just try the Little Must-as Trimmer that is most of time on the Top of an electric Razor, even the cheap ones. Basically the same thing the Barber used on you when you we’re alittle kid to get a bowl cut.

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Nair sucks, it will always leave a few hairs behind.
If you shave, do it with the way the hair grows, over time your skin should toughen to it and you shouldn’t cut yourself anymore.

I still want to try out an electric because then I could stay smooth everyday. (I don’t like to use a razor down there everyday.)
This one sounds great!

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Don’t do it

Guys a little soap and a sharp razor and I never nick myself, but ya gotta remember ..its not a race!

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De ja vu! Simultaneous pube hair removal threads in the Newbie and Main Member Forums. Can’t we all just get along!? :D Anyway, I tweeze. Yeah, yeah I know it hurts. You just gotta be a man about it. No way in hell I am putting a razor near my precious.


I shaved for 15 or 20 years before discovering waxing. I’ve posted this before, but once you wax you ain’t going back to shaving. Shaving is enjoyable, but stubble is not. Search for Epil-Stop biowax. You should be able to find it for $15-$20 a tub. You microwave the wax about 4 minutes, use a wooden spatula to apply quarter-sized patches, let it cool, and pull. The pain lasts less than 1 second, literally. It takes on average 5 or 6 weeks for a hair follicle to regenerate, so a maintenance schedule of waxing every 10 days to 2 weeks should work for most. The wife does it now as well, and if she can do it you can do it. Say no to stubble.

I don’t personally use it, but I know that my gf shave her pussy that way(nair) since I know her so at least about 10 years with no problem

I use Fleet hair remover (there are many of them), then apply Bikini Zone afterwards (to keep from getting the red bumps) and it works perfectly. No burning, nothing.

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I mostly shave using a Venus razor , but have on occasion used Nair . My wife tried to wax me once , but it resulted in a quite serious injury .

I buy an electric shaver and use a blending clip on the shaver to trim my hair down to a few centermeters. I do not like being completely skin around my penis. I might use a Mach 3 to shave my happy tree, and that is it when it comes to skin tight shaves.

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