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OK heres how I intensify my orgasms.

OK heres how I intensify my orgasms.

About 4-5 seconds before I blow, I reverse kegle (push out with BC) as hard as I possibely can. For some reason this GREATLY intensifies my orgasms. Also makes me shoot loads way farther, even precum shoots out pretty farther, and more “cums” out.

Just thought I’d share with information with you guys. Try it and report back. For me it enhances the pleasure greatly!!

Yeah I do this as well sometimes… except it’s really hard to hold the reverse kegel! but it feels so good once it fires.

I think I know what you’re talking about. It’s a trick I’ve done occasionally for at least 10 years. Normally right before I cum, I kegel really hard to hold it back, but sometimes when I intentionally don’t kegel, I feel something like a reverse kegel. It has the same effect for me as it does for you. For some reason I can’t do the reverse kegel voluntarily, it only happens when I try not to kegel before I cum.

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If you do a normal kegel it allows you to get a hard on again with faster recovery time.

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