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My cure for Prostatitis

My cure for Prostatitis

For many years I was diagnosed as having frequent prostate infections. This started at about age 25. So the urologist would prescribe the standard run of Cipro and it would fix the symptoms. My symptoms would come on as difficulty urinating, lowered sex drive and minor ED.

But this would happen somewhere around five times a year. I am now 34 and it took almost nine years for me to finally figure out what the problem really was. And I believe there are many other men out there who could possibly benefit from my solution.

After I had my first cystocospy (quite painful, determined to never have that done again), I was told my prostate was not enlarged, bladder was fine, no strictures in the urinary tract, but yet I want you to start taking Flowmax. Well I have never taken any prescription medicine and after researching the side effects of Flomax by actual users, I said to myself I am not going to start now as the side effects were in one sense worse then the ailment.

So here is a doctor stating my prostate and PSA were fine, but yet I want you to start taking Flomax (didn’t make much sense to me). Well I never opened the bottle. Instead I opened my internet browser and started researching like a madman.

Here is the conclusion I came up with for my symptoms and also the solution.

I was a moderate coffee drinker and I love Red Bull. Well whenever I was prescribed antibiotics (for the supposed prostate infection, which I never tested positve for any bacterial infestation) I would of course drink nothing but water and massive quantities of it. The symptoms within a day or so would completely leave. I could piss like a race horse and my dick would get rock hard again when the wind would blow by. So for nine years I would go through this routine like five times a year.

So after the scope experience and searching through the tunnels of the internet. I found that in Europe they treat many men with BHP with a natural product called Quercetin with Bromelain.

Quercetin is a natural anti-inflamatory and a natural anti-histamine. I started taking this when I was at the point I thought I was going to have to be catheterized to take a piss. So I started taking it and a liquid intake of only water. With in a couple of days I was completely back to normal and have been ever since.

It has been over a year now since I have had any symptoms. That is when I started taking Quercetin and quit drinking caffeine.

My conclusion is after much self-observation and viewing the past with 20/20 vision. I have an allergic reaction to caffeine which caused swelling of the prostate. I can get away with maybe one drink per week containing caffeine. Even at that I will get a slight hint of a symptom, but then I just flush a bunch of water through my system and of course the magic bullet Quercetin which I take twice a day everyday.

I hope this may help other men who drink caffeine and are experiencing enlarged prostate like symptoms.


Interesting read dershutzhund. Even though I haven’t been diagnosed with prostatitis (have yet to see an urologist) I keep finding myself having the same symptoms as it and what you had.

About 10 months ago I went to the doctor because of frequent urination and similiar to you, all my tests came back clean. Not doing much research, I decided to go on flomax because I couldnt take going to the bathroom some 30 times a day. Needless to say the flomax didnt work and all it did was give me a case of ED.

I will definitely look into Quercetin. Is it something you can find at a drug store? I know nothing about this product.

I am a definite abuser of caffeine. Its ironic that there is a caffeine thread that had just started about how beneficial it is to stop using it. I would love to but right now, I dont know how easy that would be to do.

Currently my father is recovering from prostate cancer after years of dealing with prostatitis and various methods to fix it. When they found he had a cancerous tumor he chose to go the homeopathic way of diet and supplement instead of being cut into and exposed to radiation. I don’t know all the exact details of his program but he did have to cut out coffee and alcohol.

A year later his latest checkup says that the tumor is something like 80% reduced. So ya what we put into our bodies can have a dramatic effect on it’s systems and how they function.


Yes, you can buy it at most health food stores. Make sure to get the highest dosage and with Bromelain. I use the following brand.

NOW Foods Quercetin with Bromelain 120 capsule and I get it for $11.95 a bottle online

Mtn. High,

I agree what we put in our bodies is a huge part of the problem.
It seems anymore if a doctor can’t fix it with a pill or a scapel they don’t know what to do and if one drug doesn’t work here try this nice free sample.


I have another question about this that hopefully derschutzhund or someone else could answer. You say you take the quercetin with bromelain everyday, twice a day. I have read that long use of anti-inflammatory’s are not very good on the body. So I guess my question is, does anyone else think there should be a red flag raises on the issue?


I believe they are referring to synthetic anti-histamines. I have heard of no ill effects from using a natural anti-histamine. Maybe some others might have some input on this subject.



Here is an excerpt from a medical study on Quercetin. Of course like alot a things they may come out with a study next year that says it will cause negative effects but as of right now there are no negative side effects associated with long term Quercetin use in fact it appears quite the opposite.

How safe is quercetin?

A. As already mentioned, quercetin is a major bioflavonoid found in diets all over the world. Moreover, diets that are high in bioflavonoids are associated with a lower incidence of many diseases, most notably cancer and coronary heart disease. In addition, quercetin has been shown to exert anti-carcinogenic effects in many in vitro studies. However, back in the 1970s, quercetin was found to have mutagenic activity as determined by the in vitro Ames test, which was developed by researcher Bruce Ames to test if a natural or synthetic substance will cause DNA mutations in bacteria. This prompted toxicologists and nutritionists to conduct more research to answer the safety question of quercetin. In subsequent animal studies, diets containing 0.1 and 0.2 percent of quercetin were found to increase the incidence of bladder tumors in rodents. However, out of the many studies that have followed, none have shown that quercetin has a mutagenic or carcinogenic effect in humans in the amount usually found in the human diet. Long-term animal studies actually found that quercetin might exert an anti-carcinogenic effect as reported by B. Stavic of the Canadian Health & Protection Department.

As more studies were undertaken to determine the biological effects of quercetin, researchers found-mostly in in vitro and animal studies-a wide range of potential beneficial biological properties, including anti-microbial, inhibition of tumor promotion by chemical carcinogens, anti-thrombosis, inhibition of disease-promoting enzymes, anti-allergenic, anti-inflammatory, and inhibition of platelet aggregation activities. It’s also interesting to note that many herbal products, such as ginkgo and hawthorn, contain quercetin.

Based on our current understanding of quercetin in the human diet, it does not appear to induce health problems. Quercetin may actually contribute toward the reduction of disease risks.


I was diagnosed with bacterial prostatitis last year right on the heels of a Chlamydia infection. Went through the usual shit. Flomax and antibiotics. Symptoms remained after antibiotics. They seemed to not be as bad as they were for awhile and so I dealt with it. Later on during a particularly bad flareup which caused Chlamydia like discharge I went to get tested again even though my girl and I had been faithful to each other. The doc prescribed more Flomax and Cipro this time for the antibiotic. I stopped taking the Cipro about 2.5 weeks into the course when I read about the significant possibility for lifelong debilitating conditions caused by Cipro. I am now taking the following three times daily.

Pumpkin Seed Oil
Saw Palmetto

In addition I am taking once daily an Acidophilus probiotic formulated with D Mannose and Cran Actin. Today I added Zinc and Selenium. I’m hoping this all works. If it doesn’t get rid of this in a month or so I will try this Quercetin with Bromelain.

New life in a thread from 2008, cool :)

Why did you stop taking the cipro? The extremely, extremely rare side effect of heart arrhythmia should not be a reason, since it’s not even clear if cipro is the cause. Really, the worst is the diarrhea, almost all antibiotics share that wonderful side effect.

Usually the longest doctors will prescribe cipro is 21 days, so you were almost there. Not finishing a cure can have rare but serious side effects, such as breeding resistance to the drug. Trust me that when you get prescribed something for X days, it’s for a reason ;) You really should be mindful of the chlamydia coming back, it should be eradicated by now.

I do think that recurring prostatitis is a symptom of something. Not sure about the cafeine allergy derschutzhund said he had, but there might be underlying anatomical issues such as low blood flow, irritated lymph nodes near the prostate, leading a seated life leading to both low blood flow and possible neuronal damage down there (sitting is bad y’all), having a chronic infection like chlamydia or not being able to empty your bladder fully. But that would cause recurrent urinary tract infections too.

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I, too, have been plagued with non-bacterial prostatitis for more than twenty years (since my early thirties). After seeing multiple doctors, taking more antibiotics than I care to think about, and even going to Chinatown and trying herbals, it still still flares up.

Unfortunately, I consume large amounts of caffeine, but I am willing to try cutting it out and substituting water. Anything is better than this. All reasonable suggestions welcomed.

Thanks, guys.

Wow I just cut caffeine out 4 days ago after reading your thread, Doc’s cant tell what’s wrong with me, prostate ,bladder all seem fine but I keep getting uti’s and epididymitis.

I must say ,I have this weird feeling like I’m healing after I stopped caffeine intake I used to drink lot of black coffee and tea.

Down side is that I’m getting head aches all I’m thinking about is coffee while I’m in class, while texting people.

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