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Medical Expertise Needed

Medical Expertise Needed

Hey guys, I have a situation that I would like a professional secondary opinion on, which many members of the forum are involved in the medical field. The situation is this :

I very recently had minor surgery done to relieve my condition of phimosis. However due to a miscommunication on the OR, the surgeon performed a dorsal slit instead of a preputioplasty, which is what I wanted. The dorsal slit operation is a fairly simple one and to reverse it would be straightforward. I have since spoken to my urologist/surgeon and he told me to come back in ~5weeks after the wound has healed and he would reverse it. I have no problem with this but as I inquired into why we couldn’t do the operation sooner, as I’m thinking the would is still fresh and would be easier to reopen at this time rather than later dealing with scar tissue + it is simply stitching the foreskin back up into its original position, he mentioned risk of infection (abcess) and possible complications. I understand his position + he has potential liability issues here, but the side effects of the operation are very uncomfortable.

1)Glans/inner foreskin exposed is extremely sensitive (obviously) making it virtually impossible for me to do many physical activities. I’m an active guy.
2)Appears to be wire stitches irritating my shaft/foreskin incessantly.
3)Morning erections are very painful leading to little sleep. Feels like a dam about to burst.

Do I have any alternatives? I am looking into getting another surgeon to reverse this procedure as my current condition basically kills the rest of summer and I don’t know if I can last 5 weeks. My end goal is to get the preputioplasty but my main concern now is resealing up the foreskin and also getting circ’ed was never a consideration. Thoughts? Comments?

TIA, cheers.

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Hang in there you will get through it.

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