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Low testosterone issues.

Low testosterone issues.

Hi guys , I’ve had varicocele on the left side for 5-6-7 years , don’t remember actually.Soon I’m going to fix it but there is something other that bothers me.Some places on the net says that the Varicocele can actually lower your T. levels , some says that there is a little connection between the two.Now they all says the sings of having lower testosterone.

Decreased energy levels (fatigue)
Decreased sex drive
Difficulty achieving and/or maintaining an erection
Loss of muscle mass (e.g., in AIDS wasting)
Symptoms of depression

I can’t make test for T. levels now , and they are inaccurate too , due to the T. levels change hour to hour.
So I’m gonna ask you some questions.

How often do you have random erections , and do you have them while walking?
How often do you masturbate ?
And how easy can you achieve erection ?

Now these are factors that vary from man to man.But will appreciate if you answer.

At least with low T-Values you will keep your hair, look at the bright side :)

But to answer your questions:

1: About every 2 hour
2: Once or twice a day
3: Basically whenever I want.

Wow Orion2 , this answer crushed me in pieces.I don’t get random erections , only at night and rarely when I’m sitting comfortably on a chair.Masturbate 1-2 times a day.And I must touch the sword to get a good full erection.

Are all the guys like Orion2?And Orion2 , how old are you?

1 - Depends, sometimes once or twice a day, sometimes only when waking (morning wood)
2 - 2 time a WEEK (I save to have sex with my girlfriends ;)
3 - Whenever I want

I’m 26 by the way.

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how old are you?

However, if you are going to cut-off varicocele, your testosterone levels will return in the normal range (supposed they are not, now).

I did read somewhere that those who lost one of testicles didn’t had testosterone-levels so much different from normal (never heard of Lance Armstrong?); human-body is a wonderful machine.

1- usual when driving, or if I touch it or have sexual thoughts.
2- 3-4 times per week, one hour sessions.
3- whenever I want.

I’m 44 and I use to have erectile dysfunction, TP changed that.
If I were you I would go ahead and get the surgery if it is really painful.
Your doctor may prescribe testosterone replacement therapy if levels fall to low.

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The testicles only take commands from the hypothalamus to make testosterone. The hypothalamus does not know if you have 1, 2, or 3 testicles, it only knows how much testosterone it wants to produce. Losing a testicle would have no effect on testosterone levels, as your other teste would increase in size and increase it’s output of testosterone two-fold.

We really can’t answer your question without knowing your specific symptoms (if any) and your age.

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