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Low hanging balls/variococele embolisation

Low hanging balls/variococele embolisation

Although Delaware2 created a similar thread I wanted to create a separate one documenting my procedure that was performed in minimal time with no cutting, discomfort or downtime.

If you want to research what exactly a variococele is, do it but I don’t want to bore you with it in this thread.

Basically, I had a varicocele that only got bigger since I was about 12 or 13. I’m nearly 40 and it’s been driving me crazy my whole life. The extra hang was uncomfortable and unnecessary and sometime embarrassing. It felt like bunch of grapes or worms surrounding my left teste. When I went to any doctor they told me not to worry about it unless there was pain of fertility problems. Like a dumbass I blindly accepted this advice and lived with this since I was 12.

I had no problem with fertility early on and I have two children but want more. I’m told that it can affect fertility as with all the extra veinage down there, it can heat up the teste and produce bad sperm. I had a sperm test before the procedure and I had a low morphology number. Can’t say the varicocele is 100% the reason. Also, I noticed my left teste was getting smaller than the right. I’ve always had big balls so it was very noticeable.

A reputable urologist sent me to a doctor that does angiograms (no cutting involved) who basically embolises the vein that has the faulty valves thus allowing other veins to do the job of providing blood to the testes.

To do this he puts you under light sedation (not a general) and while on an X-Ray I believe (I fell asleep), puts a needle in your neck and inserts a wire into your vein which travels down to your left kidney then to the bad vein. This is predominate in the left side for some reason. He then wraps a small spring around the bad vein which eventually scrivels up and stops supplying blood to the teste. While this happens, other veins will take on the bad veins job. The human body is amazing.

This is all done WITHOUT cutting, stitches, or any pain whatsoever! I only required one day off from work for a 40 min procedure! I had a slightly sore neck the next day but that was it. Two months on and the procedure was a complete success and my left nut is now slightly in line with my right and I can wear boxer shorts for the first time in my life. I have nice package that I can be proud of.

My sperm quality came back much better as well. Whether this can be attributed to the procedure or the sperm vitamins I am taking is not known.

I HIGHLY recommend this procedure to anyone considering going to any doctor that wants to take a scapel or anything else to your balls. Considered all the unnecessary pain and downtime that is associated with that method and find someone that is capable of doing the embolisation. It is worth the extra time finding them.

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Thanks for sharing your experience, coolbill.

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