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Losing erections while on my back


I just wanted to take a minute to provide some feedback I’ve noticed over the past few days. I think I actually had an issue with the whole “death grip” fact. I’ve follow the routine perscribed in the thread and it’s been working much better. My penis was just used to, for lack of better terms, more friction (a sock…). My erections on my back have been much better and she’s also told me that I’m by far her biggest. I think that helped mentally as well :) . For those guys with the same issue, I’d check out the whole death grip theory/routine.


What’s the death grip procedure?

Death grip is where you masturbate with too tight a grip. It causes desensitivity, and difficulty in finishing during sex because your dick has been trained to only ejaculate with a super tight hand, nothing like a vagina.

Starting stats: 6" BPEL/5" EG

First Goal: 7" BPEL/5.5-6" EG

Other goals: Increased sensitivity

I have the same problem, but not if my penis is bent down a bit, then it’s actually harder, but if the angle is towards the belly, the erection fades away.

It’s like I loose the feeling when my penis is bent upwards., but on the opposite, it’s harder and bigger when bent down a bit.
As you can understand, this is not ideal for every positions, and I’m, of course wonder why it’s like this.. I have a downward curve..

Planning to get an Hardwear ring, but I guess I will feel kind of stupid in front of my lady with that thing..

Any suggestions?


Originally Posted by marinera

What’s the death grip procedure?

Not only is it masturbating with a tight grip but it’s the fact that you get used to your own hand. The procedure is to slowly get off of your masturbation routine and move to something that feels more like true sexual intercourse. It starts with not masturbating for 1 full week (more as needed) and masturbating only when fully aroused, with lotion, and with a loose grip. I believe there is a link a bit further up that has a procedure to follow. If not, just do a quick search and it should pop up. I think it is truely great advice :) .


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