Know your Medications

Watch out for Doctors over doing their medications. I’m saying read your medication information and don’t relay on your Doc to know what’s best.

During a check up with my eyes, the Doc got a little excited about glaucoma in one of my eyes. He started to throw all kinds of drops in my eye to control the pressure.

He got the glaucoma under control and there is no nerve damage, but I started to notice side effects with the medication. Looking into the drops he was using I found what was causing the side effects I noticed. One of the drops was a Beta-Blocker, Betimol.

Depression, Confusion, Fatigue, The big one, reduced sex drive, no wood at night.
So I asked the Doctor why I needed to use this, he stated he was being over cautions and probably didn’t need to use that medication. So I stopped using Betimol and stayed on the other drops, and guest what happened. All side effects stopped and pressure is under control.

Talk to your Doctors, I’m too young not to have no sex drive.