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impotent, help!!

impotent, help!!

Well ok heres my problem, my dick is completely unresponsive to my naked girlfriend.. even though i am unbelievably attracted to her. I’m starting to think all the porn i watched as a teen is costing me big time right now. The other day I tried to masturbate in the shower without porn, and i couldn’t do it, i couldnt even get my dick up. The only way I can get hard is to watch porn…. can this be fixed??? someone help!!

Stop watching porn.

If porn is the cause, you will know after a couple of weeks. I’ve kinda had that problem too once or twice. Now I hardly watch any porn at all; fantasy is a great thing as long as you excersise it :) . Oh, and right, don’t masturbate because you feel like you have to (since you probably want to try and do it all the time now, because of your worries with the impotence), do it whenever you really feel like it instead. Just to take some distance from sex for a week or two might work aswell.

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Stop masturbating so much. (If you do)
Lay of off PE for a while. (If you PE, I guess you do, seeing as you’re here)
Don’t think about it (It’s difficult, but try)

Do this for a week or so, then see if you can get an erection. If not, come back here :)

As for your girlfriend, if you cant use your dick, use your fingers, tongue, anything else so that she doesnt start to blame herself (yes, girls do that…(: )

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1. Stop watching porn.

2. Stop masturbating.

3. Spend as much time with her as you can(nights and mornings in bed if you can).

4. If you feel aroused in any way while staying next to her DON`T DO ANYTHING. Do not try to have sex with her, or her pleasing you in any way.

Do this for a few weeks(at least 2, even 4-6). You will see what I`m talking about. You are not impotent, I had exactly your problem, and this is how I solve it.

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