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importance of kegels

importance of kegels

Just thinking to give my two cents for those who think that kegels aren’t useful since they don’t directly enlarge the penis.

It happened when having long sex sessions that after a while my penis would lose some hardness when I would start feeling a little fatigued or after holding back ejaculation. Well, after some time spent exercising my pc muscle, now I could be so tired that could pass out but my dick will stay hard for hours: for sure this is because Kegels gave me the strenght to REALLY hold back the ejaculation, but I feel a big difference even when ejaculation isn’t involved.

Thinking about it related to getting also a bigger dick it gets even more important. Think about it as if you had a moped, to make it move you would need a small engine. Now you are transforming the moped in a heavy and strong motorbike…what happens if you do not change the engine? Doesn’t it make sense?

What’s your kegel routine like?

"Look what your brother did to the door!"

I don’t really have a routine, it would be a good thing, but I managed to exercise every time I’m in the car, or in line for something, or while warming up. What I’m careful for is to try to exercise differently: sometimes I contract the pc muscle for five seconds, sometimes I close and release as fast as I can, sometimes I release very slowly and then contract fast, sometimes I close and release in steps (contract a little and keep it for three seconds, then contract a little more..), sometimes I try to contract as long as I can.

I think that this variety of exercises could give anyone a good way to get a strong and mind controlled pc muscle.

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