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I never used to be a premature ejaculator


Just a question for you guys who say they never had premature ejaculation and now they have… did you start using porn in a big way? I just ask because I have noticed a link just reading posts on this forum.

Also following on from what sparkyx says, but from the other end of the spectrum, I find PE tends to make me less sensitive - and for me, this can actually lead to pe if I am not careful. I get exactly the same effect from alcohol even half a shot, which is why I seldom drink these days. (Boo hoo, I do like a drop of JD, and wifey does too).

This is how it seems to happen for me:

My dick being less sensitive, or numb even leads me to believe I must go really fast or hard to keep the sensations flowing. BUT, brain and cock seem to be out of sync! If I go so fast that it feels normal, I suddenly find I am on the edge of orgasm. So I have to go more slowly for a while, and then gradually everything seems to sync up - and I’m in business :D

As sparky says, after that everything just settles down, and I can go all night.

Here is another classic one. After quite a (for me), heavy PE session, I did my usual warm down which is to edge for 10-15 minutes. I started flaccid, and used loads of friction to get it up - I suddenly realised I was about to come, and I hadn’t even got fully erect. And in fact I did have one small contraction, and a drop of cum appeared, but it was not enough to put an end to the proceedings, but I had to really focus on what i was doing.

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I have a similar problem also.
With girl one, I used to be fine, but then when we used condoms I would get PE. If we don’t use condoms and I’m not allowed to nut, I can last long. If I can nut, I don’t.
Girl two is no condom with allowed nut, but I am able to control myself. I don’t understand how come I can’t control myself with girl 1?

I’ve tried the pe from the thundersite but no help!

Interesting icefuzion.

It might be that you are not in 100% agreement with yourself!
When you are not allowed to cum, you are 100% committed to making sure that you don’t.
When you are allowed to come, it could be that part of you is in a hurry to experience orgasm, because for a lot of people that is the goal of sex. If this is the case, then you simply need to behave like you do in the “not allowed” mode. Then when you have had enough, you can cum.

When I say “behave like you do” I mean just that. Next time you do it, pretend it’s a “not allowed to cum” situation. You need to get into character. Let us know how it goes!

I'm fed up of having a signature!

High histamines, perhaps?

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