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i can't keep it up

i can't keep it up

i’ve been pe’in for about a year and gained a .25 inch on the journey. but for the past month i haven’t been horny at all. i don’t know what the problem is. i’ve been seeing this girl for the past 7 months and we have sex about 4 times a week. sometimes i can’t even get hard and i just get very frustrated and i’m never in the mood. i don’t know what could have caused it. it sucks because i love the feeling of being horny but i can’t even feel that anymore. it takes me a while to get hard and when i do it doesn’t last at all maybe a few seconds. i can’t figure it out and i really don’t have any ideas on what to do but to stop pe for a while. i dont’ hang or kill myself while pei’in. i don’t know what else to do. any suggestions? btw i’m only 23 i’m a young buck should have no problem getting it up what so ever :( . please help !

Fishlips what happen to your caps key? Please read the Forum Guidelines if you haven’t already. 38 posts in you should know by now :)

Are you cramming in PE sessions before shortly before sex?

Sometimes PE makes us focus on the penis in a bad way. A little anxiety goes a long way.

Can you masturbate and get hard OK?

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Sorry about typing earlier lol, I’m use to typing like that online. Anyways, I tried masturbating earlier tonight and I was mainly focusing on getting hard and trying to get horny, but I couldn’t. I would get it up nice and rock hard then it would go away as fast as it came up. I don’t understand never had this happen before. Nope, I rarely PE befor sex. Sometimes I will to add a little boost to it. I can’t figure it out. I even watched some porn earlier and it didn’t even move :( . I’m really scared and hope I didn’t damange myself somehow.

From your description I think its extremely unlikely that anything is physically wrong.

You know when you think something is going to happen and then it does, like “I’m going to miss this catch” or “I know I’m going to fall”. These kind of self fulfilling prophesies are a nasty negative loop, each occurance making the liklihood of the next one greater.

You can get rock hard! Now try doing that without concentrating on whether you are or not. It might get easier.

Or take a short time out from PE and stop thinking about your penis too much.

There are some other guys here who have great experience with this and I’m sure they will add their thoughts.

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Hey Fishlips,

I would definitely suggest taking a break from PE for now. For me, when I did PE, I thought about my dick so much, and when you become that aware of your dick, it starts to mess with your head upstairs. Whenever I would take a break from PE, I didn’t think about it as much, and I eventually relaxed, allowing the erections to come naturally. Keep us updated on your situation, and feel free to PM me anytime with questions about this. Or you can ask them here. Either way, I’m here to help.

Yea SS, I think I have the same problem you had. Yesterday, I could only get 75% hard and the night before I had no problem getting it up. I know it’s performance anexity, but I don’t know how to deal with it. It sucks because I use to have rock hard erections and could use that boy as a weapon, but now I can only get small erection and somehow she still gets off on it. I measure out at 7” solid when fully blown, but lately I’ve only gotten 5.6” erect :( . Hopefully I can change this mentally and never look back.

Any medications / drugs you are doing/taking ?

Originally posted by johnny2
Any medications / drugs you are doing/taking ?

Nope, just liqour. Usually when I get drunk, I’m a machine anyways and have rock hard erections :) . Other than that, I’ve haven’t done any pills,pot,or acid in over a year. That shit is just stupid and didn’t take me long to realize that.


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