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PE has caused erection problems


PE has caused erection problems

While PE has been a positive experience for most of you, for me it has caused erection problems. Here’s how I know:

- Started PE in March and continued for 2 months
- At end of 2 months, started having sex with girlfriend but couldn’t get it up or stay hard long enough to do anything
- I quit PE after 2 months for over 3 weeks, maybe a month
- Just last week I was able to stay hard long enough for both of us to have orgasms at the same time (that was incredible).
- Started PE five days ago, did it for 3 days and now I’m back to where I was a month ago…can’t get hard.

So, why did I start again? Because I was 99% positive that my erection problems were due to tension/stress/pyschological factors. Now I know for sure that PE is the reason that I’m having trouble.

I can only go to about 80% during foreplay, but last week, she didn’t even have to touch me to set me off. I’ve had no loss of sensitivity or any other factors that could contribute to this. It actually feels like my tissue is just tough, not loose like it usually is.

For the three days, I just did some light manual stretching and 10 minutes of light-medium jelqing. Hopefully I can bounce back quicker than a month because this is very frustrating.

The reason I’m writing this is because 1) I need to vent and 2) maybe other people might have experinced this/or are going to. Even though PE works, it may not work in a positive way for some people.

Now, on a different note…Are there any supplements that any of you could reccommend to get the blood flowing again? At least I know that I can get over this and get back to normal…but I guess I got a while.

Viagra will get you hard again, but it sounds like maybe you are trying to have sex too soon after a pe session.


My suggestion is: Don’t mess around with supplements. Talk with your doctor about a short course of Viagra. It will probably work very well for you and if your ED is psychological, you won’t need the Viagra once you get your confidence back. If the ED is stress related (work, whatever), you won’t need it once the source of the stress is resolved.

It’s very unusual (at least from reading this site and other PE sites) for men to develop ED from PE work UNLESS they are so enthusiastic that they damage themselves by overworking. From what you describe, this is a new relationship; a lot of us experience performance anxiety with a new partner.

I say don’t mess with supplements because many of them require a good deal of time to have an effect, if they ever do. Not so with Viagra; don’t waste time when you could be having fun.



I thought it could be performance anxiety, but I’m not worried about performance…but I do have to say the more this happens the more I think about it, and it becomes even more frustrating.

Viagra…hmmm. See, I’m 20 years old and full of hormones. I was doing fine last week…everything was like it should be. I could get hard anytime I wanted.

When this kind of thing happens, then I try TOO hard to get an erection. I know I should cut that out, but it’s hard to.

After reading a not too complimentary article in the news recently, I’m a little concerned about the psychological effects of Viagra. If used inappropriately and/or regularly some men are becoming psychologically dependent on it - the more they use it, the more they need it and that would seem not to be a good thing. For chronic ED it may be the best alternative but for other instances it appears that it should be used with a health dose of caution!

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You should try one without the other try no manual stretching
and just do the jelqing and see what happens. I bet it’s the manual stretching


hey dino

I thought about the manual stretching as being the culprit because my tissues are harder than normal. It also seems I’ve been having a lot more “shrinkage” since I did some PE a few days ago….But unless I can get back to my normal erection-happy self, then I can’t experiment. Besides, with all the trouble this has caused, I really don’t care to do anymore PE. Out of curiosity, what makes you think that it’s the manual stretching as opposed to the jelqing?

just thought of something

After I jelqed (10 minutes) I tried to massage myself to an erection but had trouble doing so. The sensitivity was still there but I still had trouble. Just a thought. My penis would get to about 90% but no further just like it’s doing now (without PE)…I just can’t get hard enough…:(


I heard more guys complain about sensitivity problems from stretching than jelqing, light jelqing should be very healthy for you
You might be so worried about it that your mind is starting to cause you problems, because if you think your going to have a problem getting hard, you will, just a thought. I guess you should stop.



Finally some good news here:

Tonight, I was able to get hard and stay hard like I usually can. I don’t know why yesterday is so much different than today, but I’m hoping that the erection problem thing is going away now. It also seems like there was a little bit of difference in sensitivity tonight and “feel” in my penis.

I don’t know, but I’m pretty damn happy right about now! :)

congrats superstroker


i´m happy for you, some times it is happens to me too( the erection thing).

always, when i finish my routine i´ll try to get an erection just in case,(to see if still works).so anyway i´m happy for you, and have a good sex life.

sorry about my english


Did you change your pe routine during the day(s) before things got better?

For the two months that I did PE, my routine stayed the same as far as exercises, but I did increase my time jelqing from 10 minutes gradually up to 20 minutes over two months. Intensity increased as well, but not enough to cause pain or discomfort. Manual stretches increased in time from 10 secs to 45 secs over two months with three sets in each direction.

Then I quit because I couldn’t get hard for sex. (No sex prior to this)

I quit for about a month, and after 3 weeks, my erections were like they always were…hard and capable of staying hard for a while.

I thought maybe it was psychological, so I started back into PE after a month of not doing PE. My routine was light manual stretching for 10 secs. for 3 sets in each direction, and light jelqing for 10 minutes. I did this for three days. I went to have sex and once again I couldn’t get hard. I could get to about 85% erect, but not hard enough for penetration.

Have since quit PE, and after three days, I was able to get 100%hard. I just hope it stays that way…

As I noted in a much earlier thread, decreased hardness during intercourse (85% hard sounds about right) was one of the 2 reasons I stopped pe (the other reason was getting big enough that she said no bigger!). I never had the problem before pe, but once I got serious about it, there was a problem. After stopping pe, all was better in a week or so. I also retried pe briefly, and found I could tolerate mild pe without problems, but also without further gains.


Originally posted by exact
After stopping pe, all was better in a week or so. I also retried pe briefly, and found I could tolerate mild pe without problems, but also without further gains.

You say things were better after a week or so, but did you have “on” and “off” days during that healing time? What I mean by “on and off” days is, for me, I can have a full erection no problem one day, but the next day I have trouble getting just as hard. It almost becomes a pattern. Did you experience this?

Also, when you found out that you could tolerate mild PE but w/out futher gains, how long had you been doing PE? What was your “mild” routine?

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