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how to last longer?



dude..I think you washed it off to fast..
still it hepled you so what can I say..
but I think you need the stuff to obsorb into the knob like 5-10 minutes then its numb..then you can go longer I guess….

anyway keep it up dude..pun

so, could that mean it was all psychological?


thats a tricky question..I mean how old are you?
and how long have you been premature ejaculating?
is it always, or just sometimes and certain occasions…

life is psychological, everything we do is…
all I know is..Its a pain in te ass when you cum too quick..
and embarrising and not COOL!!!!

I mean for me sometimes I am so fucking horny when I have a girl for the first time, you know seen her liked her heaps all night stared at her ass wanting it , thinking about it etc…
then that night she gives it to you..dammmmmmmnnnnnnn!!!!
ready to explode, because my dick is the spray for me kinda calms me down, and takes off the rush from my knob..
my mind can’t help me really because all the presure is on my dick and I can feel it!!!!!
I believe its all TRAINING!!! just like anything in life…
must be trained to be good….keep using the spray not everytime BUT try and shagg every night or at least 5 times a week for about 2 months..then with the spray, and your training, 15-20 minutes penatration will not be a problem, and if you get new girls ame thing..your cock will know you must delay the shot for atleast 20 minutes….IN THEORY..hahahahaha…

like for me I go through spurts..maybe 6 months I will be good 25 minutes every sex no sweat….
then another 6 months forget it,,can’t last 2 minutes..
also I found it depended on the partner and my thoughts…
mental state is a problem if you are thinking bad about yourself.
paranoia will kill sex no problem…. know what to do..
take it slow find your groove and stick to your training you will be sweet………….


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