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how to last longer?


how to last longer?

with PE, im gaining,

but in bed, i cum as fast as i get in,

no matter what i do, i get right there, and even slow moving causes prem ejaculation


Talk with your doctor about the possibility of taking a very low dose of one of the SRRI anti-depressants like Prozac or Zoloft. At normal theraputic dosages, they often interfere with sexual function but at low dosages they do not and will often hold off ejaculation for some time.

There’s also a new Trojan condom you could try, even if you don’t need to use condoms. Don’t remember the name, but it has inside a small amount of desensitizing cream. Maybe someone here knows what they’re called.



How about a good old fashioned tactile anesthetic? There have always been creams, lotions, etc that desensitize the skin. OR a thick condom might work.

do lots of pc exercises. Alos, are you quick off the draw for oral sex or wanking? If yes work on increasing yorr endurence with masterbation, learning how not to cum. If no, or after you have built up some endurence, switch back and forth a bunch from having her spank & suck on your monkey to being in side her. If you have a supportive partner, let her know that you are working on it & have her help. She can use her hands on you but not let you cum. A firm and consistent, but not painfull, squeez on the head will almost always stop your orgasm. Orgasms almost always occure on an exhalation, breath in slowly when you feel you are going to blow. Do a search on “tantric sex” and “sacred sex” LOTS of different techniques that will make a big difference for you. It sounds funny, but the biggest thing you can do to start (at least untill you can last at least a min or 2) is to learn your own responses by masterbation. A very large percentage of men are very quick in bed, if your partner knows that you are activelly working on improving, I expect she will enjoy helping

Running a Massive Co-Front.


The guys have given you really good advice. Here is something else that will help sometimes. Use a technique known as visual imagery. It is where you mentally visualize something, like lasting longer. If that vision doesn’t work, try bringing up a mental picture of Eleanor Roosevelt, or (no offense to the Brits) Queen Elizabeth. Anything ugly (and I didn’t say she was) will help. Trust me, we use this technique in physical therapy to help patients with chronic pain and in biofeedback so it does work. It takes practice to become effective. Used along with the other advice and you’ll be lasting longer in no time.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Last as long as you wish!

It’s simple,but you have know the tricks!Premature ejecuration had been a problem many men.

1) you have practics kegel to strengthen your P.C muscle

2) know you feeling,familly your sensation.stimulate yourself while focusing on your felling,find out your point of no return,( the point that you ejeculate)

3) Breath exisscite.( some people call it sexual chi kong )breath into your abdoment instead of your lung with your PC muscle relax.When online (making love)this breathing exssicite will reduce your sensation.stay on your sensation without getting over your P.O.N.R.

4) P.C clamp to hold back your ejeculation.that’s why you got have a strong P.C musle.Hold it gard till your urge to shoot subside!

It will take some time to master the trick!

teach the boy

your penis doesn’t know when to cum, maybe due to quick masterbation when you were younger or fast cumming now due to time..all you need is alittle practice then the boy knows he must stay in the vigina long time…
ok first I suggest you go to the drug store and buy some stay hard cream, or sanoba spray…it really works trusts me….
this is only if the case is sesitivity….
a couple of sprays, wait 10 minutes wash your knob then go to bed with your the problem will be your knob will be numb like wood..BUT THATS OK!!!! you still have feeling but might be hard to get hard DONT SPRAY TO MUCH!!!!!!!
so once you get hard just relax put your old fella in and take it slow…start to pump her romanticly and slowly dont over due your self remember your in training…if you get the urge to cum..
stop for a second..THE STOP START TECNIQUE….
then keep going change posistions..the strong feeling will come back about 10-15 minutes later then you will EXPLODE..
but hey 10 minutes is better than 1 minute…
oral is great too…you will be able to hold off for 10-20 minutes no worries…remember to wash your cock well about 15 minutes after you sprayed it other wise she will taste it and it might numb her pussy or mouth….dont over wash it either…

you will be able to buy this creams or sprays on the net or at a sex store….viagra is good too..I know I know no problem geting it up..but!..once you cum the viagra will bring it straight back in ten minutes….

anyway let me know….
P.S…the sprays work TRUST ME!!! I have tried them…
your dick need to be trained after shagging every night for alike a mouth and lasting 10-20 minutes your cock will know the point of no return….

still dammmnnnn for me everytime I get a new girl…shit hard to last turned on..but hey second round ho ho ho all good.
whiskey dick, spray, viagra, wank before hand, in shower then go to room your be sweet mate….
and PEing..dammnnn your be a monster in the sack….

hey man, i appreciate your input very very much….

so you saying i will have to use the spray at first, and practice, and i shouldnt need it later on????????


I have been looking on the internet( premature ejaculation) for the best way to stop this problem. I have it too sometimes, espically when Im really horny.(when drunk I can wear it out)but I dont sugest that as a solution. Matter of fact it cost me my last relationship, not because of her complaining but my fear or whatever(another story)..

Anyway, I have searched msn, aol, and lycos and all have come up with different things. the most common seemed to be the Stop and start method, but I (I) think that being able to control the PC muscle will be your answer. My advice (and Im no expert) is to search and read as much as you can. I dont know about the creams, have read some good things and some bad things about them.

Also it took me a while to isolate my pc muscle but stick with it. This will be your cheapest way to try to last longer. I agree 100% with john228 and imareu on their thoughts.

Later and good luck,

also doing the search you will find out that most sites say that this affects 30 or 40 percent of men.

Its not a little pecker, Its an anal probe


yes thats right
after a while you wont need the potion anymore..
but remember don’t get excited on the spray, because frankly you be fucking her!! get don’t break your concentration and think damnnnnn I am a fucking pornstar…remember take it slow
your abjective is to last as loing as you can on the spray to teach your fella to stay in the vigina for long time get use to that feeling
after a couple of weeks then you can start to pound her..
well acually if it works well for you and numbs you up you will be pounding her the first or second day…..

remember training first…….then pleasure……..

thank you all for your answers,

the first day, spray helped me last for 15 minutes + , and she enjoyed it

the second day, wihtout spray, i felt like i was gonna cum right away, pulled out, went back in without spray, and went on, till she got tired and said lets relax, cuz its all sore……….

sweet man the spray is good huh???
you like it?

hey what spray did you get?
and how much you spraying etc….?
and does it get real numb?

some feed back from you would really be apreciated..
thanks dude…

glad to hear its helping your sex life….

i dont realy remember the name, it cost me 16 bucks for a tiny little bottle,

sprayed 4 times, and then washed it 30 seconds after with cold water,

waited 5 minutes and boom,

it didnt numb me, but rather helped me……………….

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