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Help Me With Med Induced ED

Hi I haven’t PEd for a long as time and now I’m on medications because of my wild youth days. Any ways I’m taking lorazepam, zyprexa, and invega for my condition and I noticed after a year of changing my meds the invega one as my doctor said could have caused me ED and lack of sex drive anyhow I need those medications and according to the nimh. Gov website one of the cure for erectile dysfunction is kegels. I am just wondering if there are any success stories about the treatment of ED when you PE?

I can confirm that when I have an urge to get off my wang is very flaccid. I could not get a good enough erection for stimulation. I wanna do a PE routine everytime I get an urge to help increase the blood flow on my penis. Again I’m just wondering if there are success stories of PE that could alleviate erectile dysfunction?

Please help.

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I don’t want to use pumps


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