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Hair Loss


Originally Posted by The Lurker
It runs in the family. My Dad, my uncles, etc.

I can already tell a little difference in my hair line, so I know I am in the same gene pool.

It’s your mothers side of the family you have to worry about. If your mothers brothers and father have hair loss then you will likely loose your hair as well.

I’m balding as well and it started when I was about 24. It slowed down recently but you can still tell I’ve lost quite a bit of hair in the front, a small amount in back. It really sucks for me and it is something I think about on an almost daily basis. I’ve thought hard about having some hair transplant or something similiar that I’ve seen on TV but the prices are outrageously high…something I can’t afford. I then looked into Propecia and that as well is something that would cost a large amount. My doctor did write a prescription for me for Propecia a couple years ago but when I went to get it filled I found out how much it would cost and I said “forget that”. I was still in college at that time so money was extremely tight. I should see if maybe I can get buy it on the net for cheaper…any sources??

Starting: Length 6.5inches

Girth 5.3inches

I started to lose my hair at about age 20. I must have lost it even faster about worrying about it and my options. I know it’s a difficult thing to cope with. This is what I did:

For 100 bucks Cdn, I bought one of those hair buzzers that barbers use. Don’t get one of those cheap ones at the corner store. A good one will last you eons. I use it to shave my head every week.

No need to spend thousands on a disfiguring hair transplant, drug/topical lotion regimen and time out of your day applying this. It’s quite expensive if think about it.

I don’t even think about my baldness anmore, I look better. Even my new girlfriend agrees.

I bet there will be a genetic breakthrough soon enough.

Ctroadrunner, that’s just an old wives’ tale. Male pattern baldness comes from the interaction of several genes coming from both parents.

I have hairloss at the front of my scalp; but the area is largely covered with a very fine down which is about an eigth of an inch long. If I shave this off after a couple of weeks or so the down has grown back and then apparently stops. I can do this any number of times and the effect is always the same it grows to 1/8 then stops.

It seems to me that something is happening that has SPEEDED UP the production of new hair growth so that the hairs renew every two weeks or so instead of the couple of years normal growth renewal.

The replacement of hair varies in time over the body (otherwise we would have foot long hair on our arms)

Question. Would the loss of hair be reduced it the renewal process was slowed down, and is this possible.

Or am I talking a load of ….!



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