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Getting Circumcised

Originally Posted by Uncut4Big
Hmmm….wouldn’t it be wise for the girl to find someone who is “cut” instead of making the BF go under the knife, getting mutilated for the rest of his life ?

I was going to say instead, UC, wouldn’t it make more sense to bitch slap the slag?!

In the next episode, he walks in on his girl with another girl and neither of them is circumcised! lol, talk about ultimate downer. My gf went gay because I wasnt cut :p Yea BS, his gf just wasnt interested basically. Its actually not a bad program overall though


!No diseque sus testículos!

It’s been 2 days since I got it done now. The surgery didn’t hurt at all because I was under anesthesia. About 30 mins after I woke up from the surgery I began to start feeling the discomfort near the head of my penis because it was really swollen. They say you should wear briefs or something like those that will hold your junk in place but I find it feels better to just go commando. So for the next 24 hours I had to put ice on it like 40 mins on, 20 mins off and they gave me pain medication to take when I needed it. Now it’s only uncomfortable for me when I wake up with morning wood and when I change the dressing on it. Right now it’s still pretty swollen and looks like it got caught in a bike chain but the stitches will fall out on their own. Unfortunatly I have to wait a good few weeks before I can start my usual PE routine again.

Let us know how it goes evsta. I hope you’ve made the right decision for yourself, however I would never ever go under the knife, and would strongly discourage others as well. I gues sit’s too late for you to reconsider now, even given all the advice in this thread.

Originally Posted by evsta

They say you should wear briefs or something like those that will hold your junk in place but I find it feels better to just go commando.

Why am I not surprised that you even ignore advice from your doctor. :noreally:

Can no one accept personal choice? If someone believes appearance is a good enough reason for themselves to get it done and they are not worried about any other effects, good or bad, then why can’t we just accept their decision? Its not always down to them being misinformed, I’ve seen a the same amount of misinformation at anti-circ sites as at places like Circlist.

We’re all here doing something that most people would think we were crazy for. How many of you guys have told your friends/partners about it and had them ask things like “why do you want to do that?”, “doesn’t it hurt?”, “but you don’t need to, you’re fine as you are!” and how many warnings are they on this site about the possible risks if not done correctly? Risks like burst blood vessels, Peyronies, and loss of circulation possibly leading to tissue death if not sorted in time. Yet we still choose to “perfect” our penises in the ways we want to (mainly for looks - length and girth), so why don’t we let others “perfect” their penises through circumcision if they feel they want cut penes? Of course it doesn’t hurt to warn people, but thats all that should happen, and then let them make up their own minds. If they’re serious, its likely they’ve read about all the problems anyway, the same as we all have for PE. Persuading people not to is similar to doctors persuading them to have it done IMO. Of course not in an economical sense, but in a “let no one have a choice of their own/1984 Big Brother/Handmaid’s Tale” sense. Maybe its not at that stage yet, but we’re not that far off the way the human race and the “Nanny state” governments are going, but thats a different story! :p

I hope you’re very happy with your decision, evsta. How are the results now?

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When someone posts something in an open forum (albeit one that requires membership) one has to expect some to agree with what they say and some to disagree. What was the point in posting if not to get others to comment?

So, if circumcision is good, how come so many guys who we’re circumcised as babies are trying, as adults, to restore their foreskin through surgery??

Have you read the websites about cut and uncut? When I was 17, a doctor offered me this surgery, I sent him to hell and don´t regret it.

OK, man. It’s been a while since the cut. Would really appreciate a progress report. Also, what happened about your frenulum?

One of my sons had adhesions and recently had a procedure to release them. Afterwards, on my recommendation, he used some Vitamin E oil mixed with Sweet Almond Oil and a drop or two of Neroli essential oil (excellent for avoiding malformation of scar tissue). It’s been 100% successful. Just beforehand the surgeon asked if we wanted to go for circumcision as this ensured complete success - although he said what he was going to do had a 60% success rate. Needless to say, I said absolutely no to the cut. My son will thank me in years to come. Actually, he’s 15 and so it won’t be much longer that I have to wait for the gratitude!

Peace to all


This is kinda related in some way so I hope it is not perceived as off-topic.

I want to decrease the sensitivity of my glans but just wondering what would be a good method to rolling/keeping the foreskin retracted WITHOUT restricting blood supply to the penis. I have tried a bandage but that failed.


Go for it M8 I got Circd at 25 and its Gr8 Looks better smells better and orgasm is incredible now, far more intense. Jon.

Many circumcised guys are trying to restore their foreskins bu surgery. Then?


It would be ‘great’ if you read the Forum Guidelines.

Oh ok, I thought people had lost interest. So it’s been almost 2 weeks now and things are a lot better than before. It’s still swollen where the cut was made. All the cuts have turned to scabs and the stitches are beginning to fall out. Doesn’t hurt anymore (except when a stitch pokes my nutsac). I can’t have a full on erection yet, I’m really dying to masturbate I don’t think I’ve ever gone this long before. And I kept my frenulum it’s all there.

Rifor: I agree with you I think it should be about personal choice because that’s all that matters.

If someone just says “Don’t get circumcised” it doesn’t help anyone but if they say the benefits and the negatives of being circumcised or uncircumcised it will help that person make a better and more informed decision for themself.

And I’m doing very well now thanks.


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