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Getting Circumcised


While I recommended against it, at least you got to choose for yourself. Hopefully that’s how all circumcisions will be done in the future.

Hey evsta. I got circumcised when i was 16 years old basically for the same reason you did. I cared nothing about function then and didnt know what i had. You made a very silly decision no matter how you think of it now. I am now 22 years old and am growing my foreskin back because ive lost so much sensitivity its not even funny anymore. Sex feels good for a little while but then i got numb. I think it is from too much stimulation on the glans from constant friction since there is no foreskin to glide up and over it anymore. I have about 80% of my frenulum left and about 1 inch of the inner skin left. Ive already increased this alot but i didnt know nothing about the rigged bands when i was 16. I just thought it was all outer skin rolled under and the reason it was so white when i pulled the skin back was because the skin was never exposed. Not even the doctor i went too told me about the different structures of the foreskin. I will have a foreskin back someday and while it might not have the rigged bands like my old one did it should function about the same. Ive been restoring for around 2 months now using the CAT(constant applied tension) device and T-taping under my circ scar to try and place even tension on both types of skin(inner and outer). I know this will take a few years but i just now understand what my penis is missing. My girlfriend knows about me being circumcised and how much i hate it and that im trying to restore to bring back all those lost sensations. Right after being circed as an adult you will still have pretty sensitive remnants of what you had. After a while all of that goes dull. It took mine about 3-4 years before i really started to notice it. Just think about it. I couldnt think about it at the time but im glad that i was intact for 16 years and that i know the difference otherwise i probably wouldnt have had much of an incentive to restore if i would have been cut at birth.

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I already lost my frenulum a few years back but that was ok, I was in pain for over a year due to a cut on it that would not heal. Sex was still just as great after that. But three years on my foreskin started to go tight and was splitting and I knew I wanted a circumcision. My wife is very well lubricated and I thought a bit of extra friction would benefit us both. I had a lot of foreskin and a big overhang which made me look small when flacid. My surgeon told me that “Loss of sensitivity is a myth - the nerves are still all there, just it gets thickened.”. And one thing swaying me on my mind was: “All pornstars are all circumcised! Surely theres a relationship between size and circumcision?”

A month after the procedure I was able to have limited sex. Best feeling in the world! I would have sold circumcision to everyone. But soon the intensity and novelty wore off. Now four months on I am already regretting having it done. Masturbation is nothing in comparison. Sex doesnt seem to have any more friction than before, maybe it does but the loss of sensitivity has evened the score out. I am definately missing all of the ‘tingly’ feelings at the end of the penis - I thought these came from the head, easy mistake - they come from the inside of the foreskin.

I have always been mega active on the sex front and its been the no.1 thing to look forward to in the day. I still love sex but it is totally different now. I have a dreaded feeling that the excitement I always had for it will diminish now the ‘tingly’ feelings are gone. The surgeon gave me the option to keep some foreskin and I turned it down thinking “Whats the point? I may as well be not circumcised and I may still have problems with it”

BTW, the swelling around the scar line is only just going 4 months on. This is very uncomfortable operation to be undertaken from a recovery point of view.

Originally Posted by Eldritch99
“All pornstars are all circumcised! Surely theres a relationship between size and circumcision?”

Did you ever stop to think that the majority of Americans are circumcised, and the majority of porn you watch probably comes from America?
ie, I am bigger than alot of porn stars, but I have a big bunch of foreskin happening.

It’s like saying “All nerds wear glasses”. While it may be true, in this case, having glasses is not the reason they are nerds, just a bi-product of it. (eg nerds wreck their eyes by sitting 6” in front of a computer 14 hours a day for a decade or more)

Being as you’re american It might be okay to circumcise, as the majority of people in the states are cut. But just remember that outside of America and the Muslim world(gee you’re in great company here), everyone else is uncut. The idea that a cut penis looks better might not have as much currency in say japan or europe as it does in the states. In ancient times jews were ridiculed for their circumcised penises; no one thought it looked pretty them. They were sometimes paraded around in disgrace for their self mutilation.

Getting back to modern times though, even the anglo-saxon world outside of America doesn’t do circumcisions as frequently as they once did. In New zealand its now non existent. In Canada, Our prized “universal” health care no longer covers it; and the vast majority of people have felt its cost is not worth the trouble.

I was just giving my thoughts and reasons for getting cut so that others can make their decision more clearly than I did. I am in no way saying that my reasons were the right ones and now that its too late I know the price I have paid to be cut.

Up to now the only advantage of being cut is that my wife prefers it. Other than that there is no improvement in sex for me, I am still in recovery with swelling 4 months on - and I definately do not look like a pornstar!

Only after the operation did my surgeon admit “It is a horrendous operation, but if we told people that then no one would get it done”.

Originally Posted by Eldritch99

Only after the operation did my surgeon admit “It is a horrendous operation, but if we told people that then no one would get it done”.

That’s outrageous! In other words, “If we told people how horrendous it was we wouldn’t make any money.” :furious:

See my post #16 in this thread. :( Every body has an angle these days.


Originally Posted by Eldritch99
Only after the operation did my surgeon admit “It is a horrendous operation, but if we told people that then no one would get it done”.

In a way I’m glad we have the NHS over here , so surgery is less likely to be sold. Although if someone here wanted a circ with no indications that there was any medical reason for it then they would probably have to have it done privately or by a cosmetic surgeon, in which case it would cost them. I don’t know whether they’d be told about the “horrendousness” of the op, but if they wanted it for cosmetic reasons, then they’d probably go through with it even if they were told. Just like people go through with nose jobs, face-lifts, breast-implants etc, and they’re all pretty horrendous operations (especially the nose-jobs, they’re disgusting to watch - they showed one on TV here once, and the surgeon just shoved a file up the nose and began filing away at the cartilage. You could see the file moving around under the skin, it was horrible! %-\ )

I do complain about the NHS over here being run with public money, but then again I guess it minimises the amount of crooked surgeons trying to “sell” everyone their craftsmanship. (I just wish I won’t have to pay for the NHS when I emerge from studenthood because I’m never I’ll, and I don’t like the thought of paying for all the people who don’t really have anything wrong with them but keep going to the doctor for colds and sneezes anyway! :furious: )

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Glad to hear you’ve kept the frenulum. How are things now some weeks on?

You must really love your g/f to go through all this for her preferences, and I hope it works out for you.

Peace to all



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