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Foreskin Restoration

Foreskin Restoration

Well like most men, I had part of my dick cut off unwillingly at birth. I’ve seen some guys on here post about their foreskin restoration.I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to do this, how long it takes and will it effect me in a good or bad way with my PE. Or could someone just tell me where I could read up on this. If anyone reading this has actually been able to restore their foreskin id really like to hear about how it worked for you.thanks!

Welcome to Thunder’s Place MrMusici33. The forum software has a nice feature called “similar threads” which searches for old threads using your title as key words. You may have noticed the links below. Check out Damfino’s thread on restoration links which will give you some good information. I did my restoration about six years ago. It does take time and many guys, including myself, never reach their goals. I’m about 3/4 covered when flaccid, but not at all when erect. Of course, adding an inch with PE didn’t help. :)

Good luck with PE and FR.

There’s too much information regarding FR (foreskin restoration) techniques and issues to post in this forum. Do a Google search and you’ll find a variety of sites dedicated or related to the practice. A good place to start is the web site of the National Organization of Restoring Men (

Restoring techniques include the use of medical tapes (T-tapes, J-tapes, Pill tube, crossed tapes, etc), home-made and commercially available tapeless devices (TugAhoy, TLC, DTR, CAT II Q, and others), or even manual tugging. Most beginners are best suited to starting with some sort of tape based technique due to a lack of available slack shaft skin. Tape based methods typically are more comfortable for extended wear, but tapeless devices offer convenience. If you decide to try tapeless, I’d suggest you look carefully at the TLC. It’s cost is relatively modest, and it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

There’s no hard and fast rule as to how long it would take to finish a restoration, but it would appear from numerous postings on FR-related boards that finishing in two years would be wonderfully fast. Many are at it for twice that long or more. There is no clear understanding about what precisely is happening with restoration, but there’s a shit-load of armchair speculation—each one of us is sort of reinventing the wheel. In two years of T-taping I gained a modest quantity of new skin (roughly one inch, possibly more), which is depressingly slow progress. I’d need at least three times that to get coverage. After a long break I’m back at it using a home made tugger. I bought a TugAhoy several years ago, but could not tolerate it due to pinching and a bad reaction of my glans to the latex coating on the inner shell. I have recently tried the DTR and CAT II Q, both well made tools and fairly priced considering their construction. Both however do cause me acute pain from pinching, so I’ve resorted to a self-made tugger which I can wear a bit longer before having to remove due to discomfort. Going back to tapes isn’t much of an option for me because of PE and other factors. Note that many guys can wear tapeless tuggers just fine—I seem to be cursed with them.

Finding a technique that is comfortable is critical to FR. You’d be at this for at least two years, most likely, so persistence is essential. Comfortable wear makes the persistence much easier. I try to tug for at least 10 hours daily (at quite low tension due to my own comfort issues), with nights off. No one knows with certainty whether part-time or full-time tugging is best. When T-taping I maintained nearly a 24/7 routine, but my results were meager. Now I am doing part-time as an experiment to see if it works better for me.

You don’t mention in your post whether you practice PE, but since you’re at Thunder’s I’ll assume you do. Consider that FR is similar to PE in that it is a long term effort. Time spent tugging is what gets the job done, so you want to make your tugging a part of your regular daily routine. Some accommodation will have to made in lifestyle as most of us want to keep our FR efforts discrete. If you’ve got a spouse or partner it may be best to get things out in the open rather than try to hide your tugging, only to end up in an embarrassing situation.

Understand too, that like PE, common sense and moderation in FR will keep you out of trouble. Avoid the temptation to get aggressive with tugging tension levels. Penile skin is delicate and complex. There’s no reason to do any more damage than was already done during your circumcision. Pay close attention to what you’re feeling when tugging. Any pain or discomfort means you need to stop and figure out what is the cause, then make any required adjustment in your tugging method. Ideally, you don’t feel much of anything during your daily tugging, except perhaps a mild tugging sensation. Once you find that “sweet spot”, then let time do the work for you.

There are two separate aspects to restoring. First is keeping your glans covered with your own skin. You can do this for the rest of your life with cross-tape, o-rings, or a nipple or cone, and never grow much new skin. The benefits would be a moist and supple glans and new sensations in the inner skin (between circ scar and glans). The benefits would start to wear off the day you stop retaining your skin over the glans.

You can also grow new permanent skin with tugging or packing, either of which can involve tape or a tapeless gripping method. Tugging certainly integrates well with PE, but involves weights or straps looped around your body parts. Packing can be more discreet without straps, but you’re creating skin tension by pushing on the glans. If tension can grow new skin, I’m concerned that compression can do something I don’t want. I personally reserve packing for when my specific activity just won’t accomodate tugging (biking, tennis, horseback).

There are tape and tapeless methods that combine packing and tugging, usually billed as maximizing tension on the precious inner skin. Most restorers would gladly trade some outer skin for some inner skin. Do a Google on “NORM foreskin device comparison chart” for a great listing of commercial and home-made gear.

With any tugging method that’s comfortable enough for you to use at least half the time, you can expect to grow up to an inch of new skin per year. If you presently have no visible slack and your glans is 1.5” long, you would need at least 3” of new skin to be comfortably covered (to reach to the end of the glans and back to the base of the glans).

A great thing about restoring is that there are hundreds of online photo galleries showing evidence of guys’ progress. Also, I’d like to clarify that the TLC no-questions-asked refund period is 3 months (not 1), and the warranty is a full year.

-Ron Low
TLC Tugger

Originally Posted by TLCTugger
Do a Google on “NORM foreskin device comparison chart” for a great listing of commercial and home-made gear.

Googling “NORM foreskin device comparison chart” will take you to this link.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Eww. Why would you want to do that?

Then: 6.75" x 5" ----> Now: 8.5" x 5.75"


To be normal. Or as close to normal as one can without the natural foreskin.

I did the restoration thing for awhile and found a good website for answers called I also found Dave answers which very inexpensive and easy to do , but you will have to experiment with different o-rind sizes and use a coat hanger wire with the curly part siliconed into the part that covers the glands. I also made one from a site that I can’t find anymore, but Easter is coming up and those plastic eggs are quit useful. get the coned shaped half and trim it as close to your glands size and drill a hole at the point and install a stainless steel flush mount screw (a #8 screw) and lock it in with a nut. This will aid in either pulling or hanging. Go down to your local hardware store and by a toilet stop that goes inside the tank. cut the cone at the base and trim the top where a hole already exist, but only enough to grab the egg and use it like the TUG AHOY over the egg shell after the fore skin has been pulled over it. The screw can be used to hang many washers or other kinds of weight. It can also be removed quickly to urinate.

I did this for a year and restored 3/4, but lost most as a result in PEin, but I think it helped in my penis gains as far as enlargment. Foreskin restoration will discolor your penis if you are too persistant. you will have to give it a rest every once in awhile.

Hope this helped.

Thanks for all the links and ideas.ill check into them

I’m uncircumcised, and I remember that all through middle school and high school I was very self conscious, and I wanted to be circumcised. I just wanted to look like everyone else. Now that I’m an adult, I’m so glad my parents didn’t have me circumcised as a baby. I chose not to have my son circumcised, and I was worried that he would have to face the same issues that I did. Then I heard that only about 60% of American babies are circumcised these days. “Normal” is not as clear cut as it used to be.

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