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Foreskin restoration equiptment

Foreskin restoration equiptment

Hi has anyone got any restoration equipment that they are done with and that they are willing to sell?
It’s just that I haven’t got that much of a budget and certainly no spare time (final uni exams in less than a month) and all the brand new equipment is expensive and it takes ages to make your own that’s nicely fitting and smooth etc. Please PM me with any info.



No one here completely gone through the restoration then.

Some have. Its a holiday weekend. Be patient; you’ll get responses.



Foreskin restoration equipment is easy to make and not expensive. You’re probably thinking about gimmicks like the Tug-Ahoy or P.U.D. which are not needed for a successful restoration. Follow the instructions in the T-tap Picture Book to make elastic straps and the tapes and that’s all you need.

I modified it a bit by altering the attachment method of the elastic. I still used the suspender clip to grasp the end of the tape, but instead of using a long elastic with another clip at the end to attach to my sock or to a strap around my knee, I used a relatively short piece (about 8 inches) with a two inch length of Velcro hook tape sewn to the elastic. I cut the pouch out of a jock strap and used the Velcro to attach the stretched end of the elastic the the wide jock strap waistband (the fuzzy side of the Velcro combo is not needed, the hooks will grasp the waistband).

These materials can be purchased at a store that carries sewing supplies. You can even get the Velcro at Home Depot. A sewing needle and strong thread is all you’ll need to attach the clips and Velcro (if you use it) to the elastic. Make your tapes from tape purchased at a drug store or pharmacy and you’re ready to go.

So no one out there have any equipment they want to sell/get rid of?

The total amount I have spent on “equipment” is probably less than $15.00 over the years. It would cost more for shipping to send it to you than it would cost to buy new over the counter. We’re only talking tape and elastic. You could get everything you need for about $4 or $5.


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