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Ever have telltale signs ED drugs aren't going to work?

Ever have telltale signs ED drugs aren't going to work?

I’ve always known ED drugs are going to work if I get a very congested nose and a slight headache. If I don’t get those two things or at least a very congested nose, I’m wasting my time and I’m not going to be able to complete the task.

It happened again this past weekend. This batch of generic Cialis is only a month old so it’s not an issue of old medicine past it’s effective date. The first dosage three weeks ago worked like a champ, stuffy head = nice big erection. This past weekend, no stuffy head = less than a 50% erection not hard enough for penetration.

Has anyone else ran into this, or have you even had dosages that just don’t work?

Generic Cialis

Generic cialis has one major drawback in my opinion. The consistency/potency of the tadalafil from tablet to tablet may vary. I have found this to be true with the Ceebis from alldaychemist.

Add to that the factor that cialis somehow builds in your bodys bloodstream and becomes less effective with long term use. Webslave on this site has his own website and recommends a cialis holiday every few months to let a mans body return to its state before chronic tadalafil use.

I am on a cialis holiday now and taking arimidex. Erections are weak because I have quarterbacked my situation without appropriate blood tests to tell me what is going on, but I suspect that in addition to no tadalafil in my body, my Estrogen levels are high which makes for weaker erections too.

Good luck to you man. Aging is not for the feint of heart. You may benefit from where men discuss erectile dysfunction pretty honestly.

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