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Erections without manual stimulation?

Erections without manual stimulation?

Hello all,

Just trying to take an informal survey…

How many of you can get to 100% erection with no manual stimulation (i.e., only thinking about it, or only watching a video, etc., but NO touching).

I can, but only in certain positions.

Lying on either side in bed — 100% easily

Lying on stomach in bed — 100% easily

Lying on back in bed — 90%, or 100% on a good day, and only if my penis is resting so it points up my stomach. If it is pointing down between my legs — 60% (I can’t sem to get it to “flip” onto my stomach to complete the process :-) )

Sitting — 75% to 80%, but have reached 100% before, just not consistently

Standing — 60-75%

I’m a bit worried about the sitting/standing, although I have no data to base a worry on.

Anyone else want to chime in??


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It really depends on how turned on I am.

I can’t at all without any manual stimulation and then it’s only about a 25% percent erection.

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