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Erection angle

Erection angle

I have posted previously about erection strength etc but I am getting slightly worried. My erection at full hardness when standing up remains pointing downwards at about a 135 degree angle. If I hold a kegel I can manage to make it just 90 degrees, is this normal?

I don’t think there is anyway that can be normal. I would think that at your age it should be at about 60 degrees, a little more (lower—closer to parallel to the floor) if you’re black. I’ve been wondering about how to improve erection angle, but I haven’t found out how to do it. A member called Werner Ashford said in a thread that you can improve it by shortening the ligs by rubbing near the pubic bone and pinching the upper suspensory lig at the pubic bone. He said he could feel it, but when I feel around at my pubic bone I’m not sure I’m feeling any lig, but then again I don’t really know exactly what the lig feels like.

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It seems like a longer tunica/shorter ligs would do the trick. Do straight up streches.

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Your erection angle may not be “normal,” but I don’t think it’s a cause of great concern, either. Erection angle is determined by the geometry of your hip bones (pubic rami and pubis, I think) and the tightness of your suspensory ligament. Upward stretches might raise the angle over a long period of time, by tightening the suspensory ligament, but maybe not. It could just be the way you are built. Has it always been this way?

Hey! I have the same “problem”. Like everyone says, I think it’s attributed to weak ligs, but I have no idea how that happened. Anyway, my penis is already bent downwards and the erection angle makes it look worse (as in shorter.) My penis 6.5 BPEL but it looks more like 5.5 due to the bending and angle. So yes, my questions are; is it normal? And is it possible to raise the angle?

Originally Posted by thelawhasspoken
And is it possible to raise the angle?

It must be but I can’t tell you how.

My angle was 90 degrees, parallel to the floor, all my life. In the past year the angle has gone up maybe 20 degrees. Whether that is because I have been at PE a long time or some particular thing I was doing, I cannot say. I don’t think though that my routines are different from those of many of you.



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