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Erectile Dysfunction

erectile dysfunction

As a usual lurker [I have posted once] Here is my post. My sad story.
In response to a posting in another thresd.
Respones to: Posted by:
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08-19-2002 07:40 AM
(I find great pleasure when at the urinal at work when someone is next to me and I ‘shake it off’ and it is flopping around now and I KNOW that bastard next to me is thinking, Damn… what a dick. hee hee.)

By “that someone next to you at the urinal”. I have been far too long a looker and have been very envious anybody with a long floppy. I always thought that meant a bigger, longer penis. Bigger, longer penis meant more girlfriends and more sex. (Discussing all of this with a theriapist now, also).

Now, I am 57. Diabetic (Type I) with low testosterone levels(150 range:250-1000), barely any erection capability. I also have another serious disease (Sarcoidosis) which is apparently stable at this time. I take 12 daily medications plus insulin injections.

Overweight (70 lbs. +/-) Not much exercise. I know I need to lose weight and exercise.
A urologist I saw did not offer hormone injections, stating testicular size had not decreased in relation to the low testosterone level and recommended I go to an endocrinologist. Which I will do shortly.

Penis size has been 5 1/4 inches all this years. Having been seduced by a gay guy when I was 18, who told me me “a small one, huh”, I have felt inadequate all this years, even tho I married and my wife has always been satisfied, saying many times I was large enough.
Now, I am struggling with the question, Is it too late in my life to work on PE? Should I use hormone injections, if offered?

Hey Abingtonus,

What was your reason for going to the urologist? ED? Did he offer anything more than referring you to an endocrinologist?

The lack of exercise and being overweight sure aren’t helping you out any at all. I know it is hard work, but you should try to start exercising and working on reducing, for general health at least.

Your age is not too old to start PEing, check out what Boxcar has accomplished with his PE endeavors. There are quite a few “older” gentlemen here on the forums.

Avocet’s ED site probably has a lot of useful information that you could benefit from. Why not join and see what others with similar situations have to say?

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Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.

Thunder’s right. Get your body in shape to feel better…many older folks have great success…


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I concur with what the others have said, especially about exercise and ridding yourself of that extra weight which is only forcing you to take larger doseages of your medications and doing you no good at all. And, as you might have read here in other posts, getting yourself trim will make your dick look larger, even if you didn’t gain an inch.

As for ED, the main issue you have to fight is damage to your penile vascular system caused by the diabetes. You have a good shot at reducing or even reversing that damage through regular vacuum pumping. This is the single best exercise I know of for increasing blood flow and cleaning out your venous and arterial systems. Give pumping some consideration.

If I were considering testosterone replacement therapy, I would not do it through a urologist but only through an experienced endo. Hormone management is an extremely delicate science and one in which there are many unknowns. Endos have a much better understanding of this complicated system and a good one will work with your regular doctor in making sure your diabetes is controlled as well.

PS: I’m 62. Age is no barrier to PE and might even be an advantage.



ThunderSS, UberGoober, avocet8,

Thanks for the support. Therapist I’ve seeing don’t talk about penis size much,
they want to focus on all the other reasons you feel bad.

I went to the Urologist to ask for hormone injections, but he told me conditions were not
quite correct for direct treatment. He recommended seeing the Endocrinologist
because he felt there might be another reason for the low hormone levels
since testicular size has not decreased in relation to hormone levels.

I commit myself to losing weight and exercising more, since you guys
are offering your support. I also suspect the extra weight and lack of exercise
may have something to do with the low levels.



Keep us posted. We will cheer every lb you lose.

A helpful hint on the Endo visit:
Before you go, make a list of every symptom and complaint; the sexual ones, the physical ones. Make a copy of this list and take it with you to the Endo. Hand a copy to him/her, showing your own, and say that these are the things you’d like to address.

You may think this is overkill, however making a list is helpful on several fronts. Doctors actually appreciate patients’ taking the time to do this. A list shows that you, as a patient, are serious about finding some answers; doctors tend to pay more attention to patients who have an obvious interest in their health.

Also, making the list precludes your driving home later and kicking yourself because you forgot to mention some detail important to you.




Do see that endocrinologist. You seem to have multiple endocrine dificiencies and need a thourough work up.
From the medical viewpoint many would say that your dick is the last of your problems. However from a human viewpoint it apparently is very important to you.
Some of your size problems could partially stem from atrophy related to erectile dysfunction.
The ED in your case is probably multifactorial.
-arterial inflow if atherosclerosis has set in
-venous outflow
-autonomic neuropathy
-testosterone deficiency
Most type I diabetics are diagnosed before age 30.
Have you been diabetic for 27 years? if so any and all listed problems above are likely operable.
Have you tried viagra?
I would give it a try now and if it fails another chance after testosterone has been replaced.

>>Now, I am struggling with the question, Is it too late in my life to work on PE?>>

I think I would see about getting healthy as I could by diet, exercise and following good medical advice. If you are feeling good with a bit of “tweaking” of your medical management and getting in better shape, why not if it is important to you.
btw that extra 70# makes your pubic fat pad probably 2+ inches deep. loosing 1/2 that amount could improve your erect apperance by an inch or so.

>>Should I use hormone injections, if offered?>>

Of course. Probably you would do as well or better with androgel.
You are relatively young at 57, but I admit you seem to have more than your share of medical problems. Get the best medical advice you can obtain and work hard on improving the rest of your body first (or at least get a good start on it).

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

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