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I just was curious what you suggest to someone starting to edge. I know everyones dick is different but how often should I be doing this? Perhaps on off days and for how many edges should I do?


Bump for other opinions. Anyways-I’ll make my own plan, I find it hard to keep edging and edging so I think I’ll do it quite some time after my workout just until I think I’m reaching too far. I wonder though, does ejaculating at the end ruin the process or not at all


I don’t know, but I’d like to know…….hmmmmmm

Me too.

Hughgreck96 - What are you wanting to accomplish with the technique? That might help determine the frequency of the exercise. I do believe ejaculating at the end is not the appropriate response if you’re trying to become multiorgasmic.

The impression I was under is that edging strengthens you with being able to hold back from ejaculating. Am I correct or wrong?

Edging can teach you more ejaculatory control. Do it as often as you feel like.

But remember that good prostate and seminal vessicle health is very important, also. Go ahead and finish with an ejaculation a couple times a week at least. Flush the system, so to speak. When you don’t flush fluids out for long periods you take the chance of clogging ducts, allowing pockets where bacteria can flourish. Your body is programmed to keep making seminal fluid with the expectation that you are going to keep blowing it off. Makes sense to go along with the program.



I have had epiditymitis in the past and the doctor told me it was not good to go for long periods (a couple of weeks) without dumping a load. If anyone has ever had it, they know what I am saying when I say I never want it again. Basically an enlarged cord from the testicles. It had a lump in it about the size of a grape. I was in misery for over a week. The doctor put me on antibiotics and told me to go home and beat off at least twice a day and more if possible. He said that it was probably caused by a good case of blue balls from not getting off as often as I should and that I needed to really start keeping my tubes cleaned out better. I don’t think it’s really all that healthy to edge and then not to cum. Your pump is all primed and then you just walk away from it? Don’t make much sense.

As for the edgeing, I edge at least 4 times a week for about 3 hours and I have to tell you that when I have been in the sitting position, I have on some occasions shot over my head. I also on most occasions produce a very large amount of cum. The feeling is indescribable too. A normal quick masturbation is nothing compared to 3 hours of edgeing. I don’t even care to “quickie jack” anymore. This seems like the closest I’ll ever get to multiple orgasms. So close to the edge over and over.

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